Back to cargo

Got back to the States on New Year’s Eve, after roughly 30 hours of travel… late departure from Abidjan, but the airline (SN Brussels) held the connecting flight to JFK for us, and the rest of my flights went on time. My bags even made it all the way, on time!

I interviewed with Encore Air Cargo, for a Minot, ND, based position, flying a Metro III on a daily feeder freight run between Minot and Sioux Falls, SD… for a UPS contract. I start training on February 6th.

In the mean time, I’ve already done one trip to Michigan to pick up the stuff I have stored there. I’ll head on to Minot from Minneapolis, drop off the cargo trailer, then I’ll need to do another trip to Michigan to pick up my travel trailer, before I start the job.

EDIT: Started the job on the 6th of Feb… then… for reasons I still do not know, on May 4th, I was terminated. First time in 36 years of aviating!

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