Trump? Is he the real deal as a conservative?

Right off the top, I’ll admit to being more than a little skeptical of Donald Trump’s bona fides as a conservative. He started his campaign for President with some pretty good “cannon fodder” that sounded good with regard to illegal immigration. Ann Coulter contends that he will do well as long as that is his central issue.

But is he really against illegal immigration? There are numerous statements of his, in the recent past, that seem to show that he is pro-amnesty/path-to-citizenship for those who have entered the US illegally. That, to me, is a clear indication that his current rhetoric is pure pandering, and without substance.

Will he work to repeal Obama-care? Indications are that he is for single payer, government provided health insurance. Nope, that’s not conservative, either.

Is he in it for himself, or is he in it for the American people? Last week’s “debate” on Fox News showed that he gets his panties in a wad when anyone suggests anything about him that he doesn’t like, as Megyn Kelly did in her questioning of him. Sounds to me that he’s just another narcissist, not so different from our current occupier of the White House. Nope, he’s in it for him, and for getting his rather large ego stroked.

I will say, however, that he has brought an issue that is one of the central issues that conservatives care about, this election cycle, to the forefront. That is a good thing. But if he does what many, including me, think he will do if he doesn’t get the GOP nomination… run on a third party ticket… we can kiss the presidency, and likely, the country as we know it, goodbye, because he will effectively hand the presidency to the eventual Democrat nominee… which will likely be Hillary Clinton, unless she is indicted and found guilty of the numerous crimes she has committed as the Secretary of State.

So, let’s stop falling into the liberal mentality of voting with emotions, and take a good long look at just who is now, and has always been, a conservative. The person who most embodies this, in my estimation, is Senator Ted Cruz.

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