Why are we listening to the likes of Donald Trump?

First, let me say that there are many of my friends, who I respect, who think “The Donald” is the cure to our political ills. I know they came to their opinions honestly, and I totally respect that.
However, comma….
Why are we listening to a guy who voted for Obama, twice? Why are we listening to a guy who less than 2 years ago thought Hillary Clinton would make a good president? Why are we listening to a guy who has changed his position on illegal immigration more often than he changes his underwear? What makes us think that, this time, he really means what he’s saying?
Every time he opens his mouth, these days, it seems to be to hurl belittling and unsubstantiated jabs at his opponents for the Republican nomination. Most recently, he takes Ben Carson’s account of redemption from a troubled teenager to a born again Christian, and says it’s impossible to change. He rarely says anything new about his proposals, other than vague, “it’s going to be much better” statements with no specifics.
I get the deal that he’s not a Washington insider, and he’s putting up his own money… and I think that resonates with a fed up electorate. But he’s not the only “outsider” in the bunch. Ben Carson definitely fits that bill… and, even if some won’t admit it, so does Senator Ted Cruz. And Cruz is the only consistently conservative candidate, that has a voting record and an advocacy record to back it up.
For now, Cruz is my guy… Carson is in there, but a distant second… Rubio or Fiorina tie for an even more distant third place… and the rest don’t spark much interest from me. Least of all, Trump. We don’t need another narcissist in the White House!

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