This “refugee” situation

I am really scratching my head at those who are bad mouthing the prudent actions of many governors to put a moratorium on allowing resettlement of the so-called refugees from Syria in their states.
Yes, there are truly those who need our help, and are truly refugees. But you cannot tell me that a group of people who are… 1) 70% male of “fighting” age, 2) healthy and look more like a military battalion than needy refugees and, 3) show almost no appreciation for the hospitality extended to them by the European countries that have received them to date, in fact, repaying that hospitality with violence and rape… are anything more than an invasion force, intent on spreading their stone age ideas of “culture” and “law” to the “infidels”!
And to say that there is any way of “vigorously vetting” these people, who come from a place that doesn’t have any semblance of records on these people to search, which is what 90% of a vetting process entails, is, quite frankly, ridiculous.
So stop telling me I’m not displaying Christian love because I think it is a mistake to let the fox into the henhouse! Did the events in Paris, Beirut, and earlier in Sweden (where these refugees have been raping Swedish women) not make any impression on you???
Sorry… I, for one, fully support and agree with these governors!

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