I will not support Donald Trump

For the first time in my adult life, I am in a position to where, if a certain candidate becomes the Republican nominee… namely Donald Trump… I will write in another name… Ted Cruz… for President in the general election.
It has become increasingly evident that Donald Trump is neither Republican, nor conservative, and is only a “campaign conservative” with no intention of following through on anything (he hasn’t really said much besides “it’ll be great” and “I’ll win”…) he says. This is evidenced by his 180 degree difference on things he’s said as recently as 1 year ago.
He is a bully, and an egotistical megalomaniac, in my estimation, who talks about his “reign” as president… ummm… we don’t elect kings, by the way… and calls anyone who disagrees with him or calls him out on his hypocrisy a “liar”, or a “nasty guy who nobody likes”… etc.
We have a narcissist as president, right now. We don’t need another one!
I am baffled by many so-called evangelicals who support Trump. I can only guess that the definition used for evangelicals is not what I have always understood it to be.
So… I will not, in any way, support Donald Trump.
EDIT: 12/29/16 – This post was during the primaries, and as there was no chance of my EVER supporting Hillary Clinton, I chose to vote for Donald Trump.  He has definitely changed my mind, and I believe his will be a great presidency.

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