All this talk of “presumptive nominee”

Just a little rant about the calls by the Trump camp, as well as others, that we should now get behind “the nominee”.
Umm… not yet… it’s not a done deal until one of two things happens: 1) Trump gets to 1237 delegates… which he has not done, or 2) he is selected by the vote of the delegates at the Republican Convention in July.
Until then, I continue to support Ted Cruz, and urge those who support him in the states that still have primaries to vote for him, and force a contested convention.
I still believe that Trump will be an absolute disaster as president… and so will Hillary… so I continue to hold out hope that people in the remaining states will come to their senses and vote for an actual constitutional conservative, namely Ted Cruz, and reject the narcissistic con artist.
Until and unless Trump becomes the official nominee, I will NOT support him in any way shape or form. When that time comes, I will make a decision as to whether to put on a gas mask and vote for the slightly lesser of 2 extreme evils, or write in the one who should have been supported by anyone calling themselves a conservative, and is the only true conservative among the 17 that started out seeking the Republican nomination… Ted Cruz.

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