Selecting a Party’s Nominee

Guess what? All you who say that the primaries are about “the will of the people”… it’s not voters in general who select the nominee from a political party… it’s the PARTY that selects its nominee.
The main problem we have not, though, is that not all states have closed primaries. The only way to ensure that the nominee of a party is actually the choice OF THAT PARTY, is to only allow registered members of that party to cast a vote in the primary. The same goes for the caucus states.
The time for the “will of the people” is in the general election.
I firmly believe that the reason we have Narcissist Mc-Trump-y-pants as the “Republican” presumptive nominee is that non-Republicans voted in the primaries in the “open” primary states, most of those people being liberals and/or Democrats, and they will not vote for him in the general election. They voted for him to ensure that the most competitive candidate against Hillary, Ted Cruz, was not the nominee, and a liberal blowhard was instead. Add those votes to the relatively few supposed “conservatives” who let the con artist sweet talk them into abandoning their conservatism in favor of a populist with no real principles.

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