This election and it’s real consequences if we get it wrong

I was a bit taken aback, recently, when someone who is socially conservative, pro life, and probably fiscally moderate, told me that if they were “holding their nose and voting” it would be Hillary over Trump. Now, I don’t care for Trump, but considering what would result from a Hillary presidency vs. a Trump presidency… well, there is no justification for that kind of thinking.

Here’s my take on why.

Firstly, while Trump continues to SAY things that aren’t all that great… usually when speaking off the cuff… Hillary has a long history of DOING things that are arguably criminal. Not the least of which is her continued pattern of lying, obfuscating, and misleading on just about every subject… many times under oath.

Secondly, Hillary was Secretary of State, and thus responsible for EVERY MEMBER OF EVERY STATE DEPARTMENT FACILITY around the world, when the consular staff, including Ambassador Stevens, repeatedly asked for extra security, and then, when attacked, were denied a timely rescue by the multitude of available assets in the region… and finally, she and her staff, even though knowing and telling others that it was an attack by terrorists, continued to characterize it as a “spontaneous response” to an obscure video that it is doubtful that anyone in the region had even seen, much less heard of. All of this amounts to treason!

Most importantly, as a leftist “progressive”, it is Hillary’s aim to rewrite our constitution, to deny us the protections afforded by the 1st and 2nd amendments (the second being there to protect the first). There are going to be several retirements from the Supreme Court, plus an appointment must be made to replace murdered Justice Scalia. I, for one, prefer someone who will appoint justices who will adhere to the constitutional concepts of separation of powers (i.e. strict constructionists) who realize that their job is not to make laws, nor to change laws, only to judge laws passed by the legislative branch (congress) as to their adherence to the constitution. Hillary will appoint more activist judges like Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Steven Breyer, Elena Kagan, and Sonia Sotomayor who have repeatedly ruled against the constitution and believe it’s their job to make law.

There are many other reasons why Hillary Clinton should never be elected to ANY office, much less president, but the above 3 are the most important, in my opinion.

So, if I have to “hold my nose and vote” for anyone, it will be Donald Trump. As the campaign continues, and he begins to outline his policies, I am getting closer to being able to do that.

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