If you disagree, it doesn’t make you less

In the aftermath, or whatever you might want to call it, of the election, a few days ago, there is one overarching thing I would like to get across to my very diverse group of very good friends. I will probably disagree with you often… some more sharply than others, and more often than others…
but your status as my very good friend will not change, simply because you have a different political view to mine. That difference may be slight, or it may be huge, but, contrary to a prevailing theme, these days, disagreement doesn’t equate to hate.
I am intentional in my desire and, for the most part, I am successful, in being able to state that I DON”T HATE ANYONE! I like to think that most of you who are my closest friends, and probably all of you who either view me as a friend, or I view you as a friend (hopefully simultaneously), have the same way of looking at the rest of the human race, and particularly those we interact with regularly.
When I was standing in line for early voting, last week, I spent the roughly 50 minutes talking to the lady right behind me. We discussed flying (happens whenever you’re around me, as many of you can attest), and Kenya, among other things. We didn’t really even broach the subject of politics, and it was a pleasant way to pass the time.
As we were both walking back to our cars after voting, I noticed that she went to a car with Hillary Clinton bumper stickers all over it. So I’m positive that she voted for Hillary. I voted for Trump. We got along, and our lives weren’t defined by our politics.
There have been many discussions going on after the election, some that I have participated in, and others that I intentionally avoided participating in. None of what those discussions revealed about what others think of the outcome have a bit of effect on my continued respect and affection for my entire group of friends that I have had the privilege of having in my life in the many circles of interaction I’ve been a part of, through work, play, or simply online.

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