2 months on

I’ve been here in Midland for roughly 2 months, now, getting settled into the “routine” at work, which isn’t particularly routine.  Right now, I average 3 trips in each 2 week period, with a few overnight trips in the mix.  I fly 3 different King Airs, an F90, a ’97 B200, and now a brand new King Air 250, with Proline Fusion avionics.  I also fly a ’78 Cheyenne I with upgraded engines to the PT-6A-135, which means I can maintain full torque without “temping” out on the climb.  I vastly prefer the handling and avionics packages in the King Airs (the F90 and B200 have panel mounted Garmin 750’s, and the B200 has a G600 for attitude/altitude, and of course, the 250 has the Proline Fusion).  The Cheyenne has a Garmin 430, so it’s not bad, as far as that goes.  I’ve also flown a C182 that we manage, which has a full Garmin stack, and an autopilot!  At some point, I may be asked to get qualified in the Lear 45, but I’m happy just doing King Air work, for now.

We fly them all single pilot (not the Lears), which, at my older, curmudgeonly age, is a welcome change from my last couple of jobs.  It’s nice to be answerable to myself, only, rather than being second guessed by a pilot with half or less of my experience!

I’m still living in my motorhome, parked in a no-frills RV park in the middle of the Midland tank farm.  One of my 2 rooftop air conditioners needs a new fan motor, so the other one is doing double duty in the extreme heat of the Southwest!  So far it’s doing alright, so long as it doesn’t quit on me, as well!  On the bright side, as soon as I find the parts I need, it won’t take long to switch them out, and get the busted one going again.

I’ve been attending a big Southern Baptist Church, here in Midland, on those weekends that I’m not on the road.  I wouldn’t call it a church home, just yet, but that shouldn’t take too long.

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