Europe’s not so great history with Jews

Seeing some disturbing news about France targeting Jews for tax investigations and many similar things in other European countries gives a new perspective on World War II.  The fact of the matter is, most Europeans blame Jews for all their woes… because the Jews were unbelievably successful in business, and by extension (in the perpetually blaming others mindset) responsible for other peoples’ lack of success.

Outside of Christian circles, secular Europeans have essentially grown up Anti-Semitic.  I have heard more BS about how Israel doesn’t have the right to exist from British and other European acquaintances in the last few years than I care to mention.  It’s complete and total BS, but it is the prevailing sentiment in Europe, and puts the recent vote in the UN, for a resolution condemning the US for planning to move our embassy to the true capital of Israel, Jerusalem, into perspective.  It also brings to light the prophecies of the Bible about how the people of Israel will be persecuted in the latter days.

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