No, it’s not racist

I’ve been a bit disappointed by some of my friends and acquaintances and their posts on social media calling President Trump racist for his remarks about where immigrants are coming from.  Calling an economically and politically devastated country like Haiti a “sh%^hole” is not remotely racist!  It’s just stating simple truth.  It doesn’t disparage those who have immigrated from there, nor does it disparage those who still live there.  Stop it with the self righteous posturing and faux outrage!  The narrative that is being put forth in the media is, quite simply, dead wrong.  President Trump did NOT say that people from those countries should be deported.  Just because he speaks in irreverent and slightly vulgar terms doesn’t change the truth of the statement.

Just because I’ve lived, worked with and prayed for the people of third world countries with rampant poverty and ugly dictatorships keeping them poor, doesn’t mean that I can’t call those places what they are… sh%^holes!  I still hope for and work for their betterment, and would never consider the people living there as anything other than God’s children, made in His image, just like me.

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