An Historic Day!

Today, the acknowledgment of what has been true for 5000 years, that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish State, is truly historic. Queue the lefties’ handwringing and denunciation of the Trump administration as rash and impulsive (even though the US Congress passed a bill in the 90’s declaring our recognition of Jerusalem, not Tel Aviv, as Israel’s true capital) for daring to do such a thing.

What the left, in the US, doesn’t understand, or acknowledge, is that the only way any semblance of peace around the world will happen is for the US to be strong, both in military capability, and in credibility in following through with what we say we will do.

Europe, for the most part, is filled with anti-semitic bigots that mindlessly blame Jews for any of their own difficulties or failures. A few countries like Hungary and the Czech Republic stood against the EU governing body, blocking their attempt to condemn the US’s decision to put the US Embassy in Jerusalem. The rest of the EU showed just how clueless and bigoted they were. The UN has continuously tried to paint Israel as a human rights violator. Complete BS! Especially considering the treatment of women in ALL of the Islamic countries that surround Israel!

The straw man argument that says that Zionism is the reason for whatever the beef du jour is… is why Hitler and the Nazis were able to take power in WWII. In spite of the fact that the rest of Europe fought against the Nazis, they were almost as anti-semitic as Hitler, when it comes right down to it. I am constantly surprised at British people’s anti-semitism. We encountered it in Kenya, when many of the settlers lumped Christian missionaries in with the Jews as being Zionist infiltrators!

The notion that the Palestinians, or more correctly, Iran backed Hamas, are interested in peace anytime soon is pure fantasy! The fact of the matter is, that if the Palestinians stopped attacking Israel, the conflict would end. And if Israel did not defend itself, it would be wiped off the face of the earth. And that is precisely what Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Quaeda, and any other militant Islamic group around the world have stated as their goal.

Another way of putting it… “If the Palestinians wanted peace, there would be peace. If Israel wanted war, the Palestinians would not exist.” (from a Facebook Meme)

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