The Circus in the Senate this week

I have been totally disgusted with the complete circus that has characterized the Senate “hearing” in the case of the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Completely uncorroborated accusations from 35 plus years ago, where the accuser cannot remember place, time, or even who was there, other than saying she is “100%” sure that one of the perpetrators was a 17 year old Kavanaugh… accusations that have been denied by the others named as “witnesses”, and by Kavanaugh himself.

They keep calling for FBI investigation. No, the FBI doesn’t have jurisdiction as this supposed assault was not a federal crime. And, Judge Kavanaugh has undergone a number of FBI led background checks for his previous federal judge appointments. None of these allegations were ever brought up at any other time.

It is patently obvious that this whole fiasco has nothing whatsoever to do with finding out truth, and is merely a political stunt by the left to delay confirmation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, short term to prevent him from joining the new court season on October 1, and long term, hoping that the ridiculous “blue wave” will result in the Democrats taking control of the Senate, and then to vote against confirming an eminently qualified judge to the top court in the country. They don’t like the fact that he is a Constitutionalist, and that his confirmation will ensure that the Supreme Court is a Constitutionalist court for many years to come… because they don’t like to adhere to the Constitution.


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