Motorhome Woes and Triumphs

As many of you know, my motorhome made it 3400 miles of my 3600 mile vacation trip in July and August to the Northwest and back. It spent exactly 68 days at a truck shop just outside of Clovis, NM, with a blown power steering hose (deep in the guts where it is virtually impossible to get at).

So… eventually, the shop manager got some good information on how to run new hoses in a more accessible manner, and in a way that didn’t compromise safety. New chassis batteries were installed. Then… when they went to “start ‘er up”, found an issue with a fuel pressure/temperature sensor. Another 2 weeks to get the right parts and install them… et voila! Drove it home with no issues.

However… comma… in the meantime, my already questionable house batteries pretty much crapped out… and, to add insult to injury, the transfer switch in my inverter/charger stopped working. So… no AC power. So, I have a replacement inverter/charger ordered… but have had some issues with shipping addresses, etc. I also replaced the house batteries with good solid Interstate deep cycle batteries.

So… this morning I decided it was time to figure a workaround, however temporary, for getting AC power in the coach. I decided to hard wire the “shore power” directly to the AC breaker box inside the coach, bypassing the inverter system. I also kept the inverter system powered, since it still performs its battery charging function. So now I’m back in business.

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