The Midterms

What the heck is wrong with people??? When loonie lefties like the deranged governor of Oregon are re-elected… and other leftie loons like Gavin Newsome are elected to Governorships (CA in his case)… and anti-semitics are elected to state and federal offices in Minnesota… and completely brain dead so-called economists win an election in New York (the “Valley Girl” Ocasio-Cortez)… and, probably worst of all, a corrupt criminal like Menendez is re-elected in New Jersey… it makes you wonder a few things.

1) Does the average American voter really have the slightest idea of the history of the Democratic Party and its sordid history of defending slavery and racism (KKK anyone?).

2) Does the average American voter really know what a total failure Socialism is?

3) How widespread is the voter fraud in the states that don’t require Voter ID?

4) What happened to the idea of American exceptionalism, and patriotism?

It has been proven time and time again that a strong America is the best possible situation for the World and peace. We are the only country to consistently champion the idea of individual freedom and representative government, and back it up with action.

One of the takeaways from the results, last night, is that people voted for two things. 1) On the Republican side, the candidates that supported President Trump’s agenda and had records to back it up, were successful in their candidacies. Those who distanced themselves from Trump, lost. Also, the number of true conservatives was increased, and several mushy “RINO’s” were replaced (Corker, Flake, and others who retired). 2) With one or two exceptions, the Democrats who were successful were either bona fide moderates or talked a good line about being moderates. The furthest left candidates like O’Rourke and the lady running for Georgia governor were not successful.

I am heartened by the increased conservative majority in the Senate, which is crucial to keeping the Supreme Court constitutional, and also by the smaller margin of the change of control of the House than historically happens in a midterm election against the incumbent administration.

I think the best takeaway is that 2 years from now, Trump/Pence have an increased chance of re-election because the House will prove just how ineffective and worthless the Democrats currently in office are. It will descend into a morass of frivolous investigations into made up perceived offenses by the Trump administration. That’s only going to help the Conservative argument.

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