Stupidity when pulled over or questioned by Police officers

I’ve been enjoying the new show on A&E called “Live PD” and it’s recent spinoff, “Live Rescue” over the last year or so. I’ve also been amazed at the abject stupidity of those pulled over for a number of reasons.

Here’s the thing… if you don’t want to get arrested, DON’T BREAK THE LAW! Are there actually people who think it’s OK to drive without a license and/or insurance? Are there people who think they can get away from cops who have dogs, helicopters and radios? Are there people stupid enough to think that anyone believes you when drugs, etc, are found IN YOUR CAR or ON YOUR PERSON, and you say, “That ain’t mine”… ?

If you want to live a normal life, going about your daily, lawful business and errands, then you need to be aware of how you come across to a police officer. First, speak respectfully, as you would like to be spoken to, yourself. Don’t make sudden moves, and don’t try to hide anything. Keep your hands visible AT ALL TIMES. If you need to reach for your wallet or go into the glove compartment to find your license/registration/insurance documents, tell the officer what you’re doing, and do it slowly. Stay in your vehicle until asked to exit by the officer.

It is the law in every state, as far as I know, to tell the officer that you are carrying a weapon, and provide your CCW credentials, if you’re in a state that requires CCW to carry. And this must be done as soon as the officer comes to your door. Don’t pull it out, let the officer tell you how and whether to secure the weapon for his/her safety.

Law Enforcement Officers have a difficult, very stressful job. And that job has been made more difficult by the false narrative that they are out to shoot people of any particular demographic or ethnicity. Of the thousands of cops, nationwide, there are very few (I’ve heard statistics of less than 1% or a fraction of that) “bad” cops. They are all human, and all have bad days. But the professionalism and restraint shown by 99.9% of officers is unassailable! That there are people who actually advocate the targeting and killing of police officers is disturbing, and a big indication of how low our sense of morality and right vs wrong has sunk.

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