Scandal free?

I have read more and more deluded posts on social media about how the Obama administration was 8 years of no scandals.  Ummm…. nope.

  1. How about “Fast and Furious”.  Selling guns to cartels in Mexico.
  2. How about leaving an ambassador to die, along with 3 other brave Americans, in Benghazi.
  3. How about pallets of cash sent to Iran in the dead of night, in payment of a bribe to get the signature of Iran on an agreement that was supposed to keep them from getting nukes, and in actuality had no teeth, no consequences, and no concessions on the part of Iran.
  4. How about the fact, as will come out in technicolor over the next months, that the only “Russian collusion” was, in fact, by the Obama administration and the Democrat party.

There are numerous other examples of the total malfeasance and complete incompetence of the Obama administration!  I am of the opinion that Barack Obama was the single worst president in US history, which gives Jimmy Carter some relief, and that his damage to our nation and its standing in the world has been all but irreparably damaged as a result.

The last three years of the Trump administration, by actions taken in reducing burdensome regulations on small business, tax cuts, and a foreign policy that operates from a position of strength, have gone a long way to reverse the damage.  But there is more to accomplish, and, quite frankly, there is no reason to switch horses midstream.  If one of the incompetent boobs running for the Democratic presidential nomination actually wins the election, in November, our country will be taken back into the whirlpool of leftist, socialist, anti-growth, and anti-American policies that may not be recoverable from!

Trump/Pence 2020!  KAG!

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