COVID-19 Hysteria

While many may disagree with my take, I think we have tended to overblow the situation we find ourselves in with the COVID-19 infection crisis.  True to form, the main stream media have sensationalized everything about it.  They get incensed by it’s proper description as a Chinese Wuhan Virus (which is completely accurate) and call anyone using it a racist.  It’s no surprise that the term racism is once again improperly used.  Chinese is a nationality, not a race.

Many are comparing our response to that of China, S. Korea, Italy, and other places.  First of all, we have absolutely NO credible information as to just how China responded, other than to lie profusely… first by not reporting the outbreak for a couple of months, then by lying about total numbers of infected/deaths, etc.  South Korea did well by testing everyone and quarantining early.  That’s all well and good, as they are a fairly small country.  It’s just not something as quickly feasible in a large country like the US.  Italy can only bear comparison to China, because the infection was brought there directly from China in the form of the staff of the auto builders in N. Italy, who are largely owned by China.

I continue to be optimistic about the total length of our outbreak, here in the US.  I think it’s going to be significantly shorter than the media is predicting… likely over by late April, or early May, as the weather gets warmer and the measures in place, already, continue to mitigate the spread.

It still is a bit baffling that we shut the economy down for something that may have a .4% mortality rate, and a total infection rate much lower than the annual flu.  But then we don’t do the same for the flu that takes 1000 times more lives on an annual basis.  Rumor also has it, that there have been some cases of deaths from respiratory illnesses that were not associated with COVID-19, whose death certificates were amended to show COVID-19 as the cause, which inflates the numbers.  No, I don’t have any corroboration, but it’s still worrisome!

As this election year continues, the media is continuing to be complicit with the left in trying to create a narrative that impugns President Trump in any way they can.  However, that seems to be backfiring, as his approval rating on handling this crisis is roughly 60%, now, which is incredibly high for our current political climate.  He has some amazing people assembled as his advisors and point people on this crisis.  Dr Fauci and Dr Birx are experts with amazing experience, and are very articulate.  I take their recommendations and predictions seriously.

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