I’m really baffled by people who continue to have an irrational hatred of President Trump. (aka Trump Derangement Syndrome) These are people who have similar views, on many issues, as I do.

Here’s the thing:

1) I’m pro-life… conception to natural death. President Trump has been the single most effective pro-life president in my life time!
2) I’m pro-American… meaning we want our country to prosper and to be a global leader. President Trump is the single most pro-American, both in word and in deed, president since Ronald Reagan!
3) I’m pro 2nd Amendment. President Trump has done more than any president in recent memory to protect our right to bear arms.
4) I’m pro-military… particularly with respect to our veterans, but also with respect to allowing commanders in the field to drive tactics and numbers. President Trump has done more to reform the VA than any president in recent memory, allows the commanders to do their jobs after giving them the objectives, and is actively trying to bring our troops home from the sandboxes, while still keeping the overall objectives in mind.

There are people that I know… I won’t name names… who are actively calling for President Trump’s resignation, based on manufactured outrage over doing his job… and doing it well… based on totally false narratives and information… and based on a visceral hatred of a man who, in my opinion, has been the single most effective president since Ronald Reagan, and who, in many ways, has been significantly more effective than President Reagan was.

I admit that I was not at all interested in Trump, when he first started his presidential run for 2016. I had only heard all the negative stuff about him, and his personality and bombast were not something that I gravitated towards. I still don’t particularly care for his way of communicating, but it actually is effective, because he speaks plainly and bluntly, and doesn’t beat around the bush, with how he views any particular situation. He doesn’t subscribe to the fallacy of political “correctness”, which is refreshing.

After he began laying out his policies, during the campaign, I began to realize that almost all of his policies were the same as those I supported. And since he was elected, he has held fast and followed through on most, if not all, of those policies. His most important achievements in policy are the rolling back of the idiotic, anti-business, anti-American, and anti-freedom policies of the Obama administration. All of this while being constantly pilloried by the left wing media (which accounts for most of the media) and by the insane rantings from left wing politicians, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer chief among them!

Despite the economic gut punch we have gotten from the COVID-19 pandemic, we were enjoying the best economic recovery and growth in generations, and it will continue, after this virus blows over.

I, for one, continue to support the Trump presidency, policies, administration, and his re-election in November! The candidates who are running against him are the most laughable bunch of clowns that have ever tried! They are socialists, and/or senile old farts, or flaming lunatics, all of whom should never be elected to ANY office ANYWHERE!

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