Time to Open Up the Economy!

It’s way past time for common sense to prevail in our current and unprecedented reaction to a virus.  Something that HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE.  We are “quarantining” healthy people, rather than those that are sick or in the at risk categories, such as those with underlying conditions like diabetes, heart disease, COPD, etc.

As this video will explain, this may have been a prudent precaution at the start of this unknown “novel coronavirus” (novel = new), but none of the dire predictions and models made by the academics (Dr Fauci chief among them) have come even close to the reality of the current situation!  The death rates, predicted to be 3 or 4%, are more like 0.05%, at the worst.  This is no worse, in terms of the death rate, than seasonal flu.

It’s never a good thing that a disease kills anyone.  But we live in the real world, where car accidents, suicides, heart attacks, and any number of other things kill exponentially more people than flu and COVID-19 combined!

It’s time to open up the economy and get back to work and school!  Obviously, there will still be “hot spots”, where things need to be considered to mitigate the spread.  But that still doesn’t mean quarantining healthy people, it means quarantining those who are at risk.

If there is anything that is patently obvious about all this, it’s that this HAS NEVER BEEN ABOUT HEALTH!  It is ENTIRELY ABOUT CONTROL!  The lefties realize that they haven’t got a prayer of defeating President Trump in November, so they are trying to destroy everything his administration has been able to accomplish by destroying the economy.  The media has been complicit in the hysterical doomsday narrative that IS PATENTLY FALSE!

So, let’s take care of the sick, and also take care of the country.  Not by hiding out at home, but by living normal lives, keeping up our immunities, and quarantining ONLY those who are sick and/or vulnerable.

If this video doesn’t convince you of that reality, you’re brain dead!



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