Masks? No thanks!

It is becoming more and more evident, and actually, it has been this way all along, that masks don’t do diddly squat to prevent contracting or prevent the spread of COVID-19. Yet the “medical” talking heads, namely Drs Fauci and Birx, can’t seem to stop themselves and others from recommending something that is medically more harmful than helpful in this situation.

I have spent the entire length of this so-called pandemic maskless and gloveless, although I do wash my hands regularly (and did before this whole BS thing came about). And I will not wear a mask going forward, either.

The truth of the matter is that most people in this country haven’t bought into the hysterical rantings of the media and the lefties in the government. We are NOT headed into the apocalypse, and the deaths from COVID are NOT more than any other reason. In fact, more people die from heart disease in a given year than from COVID. More die in car accidents, suicides, cancer, diabetes, and any number of other diseases. So we have somehow been duped into believing that closing down the country, destroying our economy, and wearing cloth masks are necessary, even though we’ve never EVER done ANYTHING close to that for ANY OTHER pandemic, many of which were significantly worse!

I’m also sick of people telling me that, because I am a Christian, that I must wear a mask to make others comfortable. That, my friends, is called living a lie. There are things that I don’t do, even though I don’t believe them to be wrong, because of what we often call the “weaker brother” principle, but that is not the same thing as doing something useless and harmful, simply because a “weaker brother” thinks I should do it.

I don’t live out my faith that way, and I never will. So don’t expect me to post my mask face picture on social media any time soon… or ever! Not gonna do it… wouldn’t be prudent… at this juncture… :).

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