The Man Who Cried “Wolf”

One of the most damaging effects that will come from the idiotic fiasco that this useless lockdown has become will be the fact that, in the future, NO ONE will believe it when they’re told there’s a “pandemic” coming, ever again!

As the days go on, we are finding out that this whole lockdown has had no effect, one way or another, on the spread of this 99.9% survivable virus! The “flattening the curve” narrative did nothing more than prolong the course of the disease by not allowing the effect of “herd immunity” to naturally happen, as it has in EVERY OTHER recent “pandemic”. There was a big flu epidemic going on during Woodstock, and millions died worldwide.  NOT A PEEP.  And that’s because similar diseases happen EVERY year during flu season, with varying numbers of deaths resulting.

THE ONLY REASON FOR THIS LOCKDOWN IS… wait for it… IT’S AN ELECTION YEAR!  The left has seen an opportunity to manipulate the narrative, while simultaneously destroying the best economy we’ve had in decades, and blaming everything on the current president’s administration.  Those of us with the ability to think critically know otherwise.

So if, and it’s a really doubtful if, a real pandemic worth worrying about ever comes in the future, I doubt that anyone will take it seriously, after the complete farce that we’ve all just been dragged through by 2 “doctors” whose dire models of millions of deaths have proven to be completely wrong!

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