Good Cop, Bad Cop

In the wake of the incident of apparent police brutality, or at least gross stupidity, that took place in Minneapolis, there are a couple of things that come to mind.

1) The majority of cops who are good, law abiding, oath following servants of their communities need to be better at calling out the bad apples, like the morons who apparently caused the death of someone in their custody, by¬†either shaming them out of the service, or beating the snot out of them! It makes no sense to get to wrapped around the “brotherhood” if said brothers are betraying your trust.

What happens when the few bad cops that are out there are not weeded out, is that the job of the average cop is made all the harder, because the result is loss of trust and respect from the people they purport to “serve and protect”.

2) For those who are stopped and/or questioned by the police, THERE IS NO REASON TO COP AN ATTITUDE! Be respectful, and cooperative, and most of the time the encounter will be overall positive.

The idiots who hate all police, simply because of the actions of a small, imperceptible percentage (i.e. so few as to constitute .01% or less) of cops who are bad, are not helping anyone, much less themselves, by that kind of brain dead attitude.

You watch these cop shows and see just how many of these morons end up talking themselves into jail, rather than a simple ticket, simply because they cop an attitude and feel like the cops are “out to get them”. Most cops aren’t thinking that way. Again, it’s a very tiny percentage of law enforcement officers, nationwide, that have any kind of agenda outside simple law enforcement and being of help to whoever is in need of it.

What happened in Minnesota is disgusting and uncalled for, both by the police officers involved, and by the community who are, last I knew, rioting. THERE IS NEVER ANY JUSTIFICATION FOR RIOTING!!! These officers will hopefully get the deserved justice corresponding to their actions, which should be severe! But to tear up the city, and/or attack the officers and their families is NEVER the right thing to do!

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