Idiots rioting and the complete failure of leadership in Minneapolis

The fact that a bad cop caused the death of a man in his custody is troubling. And he has been arrested and charged, from what I’ve heard, on 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree manslaughter charges.

What is even more troubling, though, is that there are people in Minneapolis who think rioting and looting is in any way acceptable, and will do anything whatsoever to address the issues that allowed this kind of thuggish behavior to continue in the Minneapolis Police Department.

Minneapolis has poor leadership at every level. Minnesota has an idiot for a Governor, an Islamist as Attorney General, Minneapolis has a moron as a mayor, and the Minneapolis Police Department has a bunch of incompetent nitwits in their leadership hierarchy!

This isn’t the first failure in that leadership, but you won’t hear of the other major blunder… the shooting of an innocent Australian woman named Justine Damond by an ethnic Somali who was hired simply because of his minority status. This was despite multiple training failures and improper arrests made. He had no business on the force, and neither did Officer Chauvin, the moron that cause the death of George Floyd.

There is a nationwide epidemic of race baiting and excusing rioting as legitimate protest.  IT IS NEVER ACCEPTIBLE!  Those who are involved in the rioting are nothing more than common thugs and criminals, and ARE NOT protesters! What they are doing is setting things back in just about every way imaginable. Each one of these jackasses need to be arrested and jailed for their cowardly acts of vandalism and theft!

And finally, it is becoming increasingly clear that ALL of these so-called protests (actually riots) around the country are being fomented by and participated in by Antifa and other Soros funded groups, who are being flown in and bussed in from elsewhere, and are NOT the residents of these neighborhoods!

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