It wasn’t about race until you made it about race!

You see “black man murdered by white cop”
I see “innocent man murdered by corrupt cop”
we are not the same.

I think we need to stop making the reprehensible act of a corrupt cop about racism. It was simply a bad cop that shouldn’t have ever been on the force. There are plenty of similar incidents that happen to ALL RACES at the hands of the very few bad cops that do exist, but are not indicative of the policies, procedures or ethics of the vast majority of law enforcement officers and departments around the country.

The minute the media narrative pushes the race card, the other race baiters out there jump on it and get their own narrative spin up teams going, and the true racists, like Antifa and BLM, mobilize their paid shock troops and bus them to the flash points, and take over the narrative, and start the violence and looting. Any truly peaceful protests, which there are plenty of, get drowned out and essentially nullified by these assholes whose only intent is to take advantage of the chaos to gain power.

So, no! It wasn’t about race until you made it about race!

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