False Narratives Destroy Lives

So, what we have witnessed unfold over the last week, since the death of George Floyd at the hands of a rogue cop, is being touted as a response to police systematically targeting blacks. This is a completely and demonstrably false narrative that has been consistently foisted on us by the professional race baiters and now with the organized help of Antifa and other similar organizations that hire “crisis actors” (actually professional rioters) to loot and destroy the very neighborhoods they purport to be “helping”.

The statistics do not come close to supporting the premise that more blacks are killed by police than any other group. There are actually significantly more whites and hispanics killed in officer involved incidents, in any given period, and many of those officers involved are black or hispanic themselves. And of those incidents almost all are justified, with very few being unarmed perpetrators, and even fewer being criminal acts by the officers.

People like to tout the multiple “unarmed black men” killed by cops as being many, over the last 10-20 years… naming roughly 7 incidents in recent history as being multiple. While, in the same period, many times more incidents involving white or hispanics can be cited.

So, what has culminated in the organized destruction of multiple cities over the last 7 or so nights, is all a based on a complete lie! And that lie has been repeated over and over by a criminally negligent, and often complicit, media. Anarchists have been waiting for an excuse to jump in and destabilize the country by destroying the economy and dividing our citizens. Antifa and other groups, with the financial backing of a man who is evil incarnate, George Soros, and others of his ilk, are infiltrating peaceful protests to turn them into violent riots.

It is no coincidence that these coordinated efforts always seem to happen every 4 years, just leading up to our presidential elections! And the abject hatred of President Donald Trump, that defies reason, otherwise known as Trump Derangement Syndrome, is as rabid and violent as any we’ve seen in recent history… actually significantly more so!

All of this starting as a result of what should NOT be characterized as about race, at all, but about a BAD COP who killed an INNOCENT MAN. There is no disagreement about how wrong and how criminal this officer’s actions were. But to characterize it as racial is, quite simply, wrong!

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