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Sorry, but I don’t buy this BS “Blacked out Tuesday” thing. I’ve got to rant, just a little. I’ve vacillated a bit on whether to post this, but I’ve had enough of the crap we’ve been put through over the last week, in this country.

We need to stop being afraid of our own shadows and stop seeing racism in everything. That’s how these race baiting idiots win! I have never been racist, but I see racism in the constant drumbeat that everything that happens is because of racism. Nope, it’s not! Very little of what is being touted as racist, these days, has anything whatever to do with race.
I prefer to show solidarity with the FAMILY of George Floyd, not the RACE of George Floyd, other than that he was of the HUMAN RACE!

The death of George Floyd was not about race, it was about a corrupt cop and his cohorts taking the life of an innocent man. If you see it as a racially motivated incident, then you are not paying attention! The four MPD officers involved were 4 different races! Nope, it was entirely about 4 bad apples who overstepped their bounds! It’s also about a police department’s leadership, and that of the city of Minneapolis, or, more precisely, their complete lack of leadership, in allowing the kind of attitude that these officers displayed and their lack of adherence to protocol! This isn’t the first incident of this type… remember Justine Damond?



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