What ever happened to common sense?

It has increasingly been a head scratching idea, to me, that ANYONE thinks that Joe Biden is qualified, much less possessed of any coherent thoughts, anymore, to be president. It seems obvious, to me, that the polls that put him in the lead make no sense. It is more likely that the pollsters are not polling an accurate sample… and that’s likely because most conservatives have no time to mess around with misleading poll questions and even more misleading results.

Common sense would dictate that a man who can’t even string together a coherent sentence, would not be qualified to occupy one of the most powerful offices in the world.

Common sense would dictate that a man who routinely fabricates “facts” about what he has done in the past, much less his qualifications on foreign policy, would not even deserve consideration for ANY public office.

Common sense would dictate that the Vice President of the single most divisive president in our lifetimes, who participated in the abandonment of an ambassador and 3 others in Benghazi, should NEVER have any control over our military or foreign policy.

Common sense would dictate that we SHOULD RE-ELECT the single most pro-life, pro-small business, pro-religious freedom (as opposed to the anti-Christian rhetoric of Barack Hussein Obama), pro-military, and pro-American president since Ronald Reagan, President Donald J Trump!

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