Silver Lining?

If there is anything close to a silver lining in all of the madness that has characterized 2020, so far, it’s got to be that the left and their anti-American and anti-Christian aims are being totally unmasked!

Now, I’m not one who thinks that they engineered the COVID-19 epidemic… but once it was discovered, they wasted no time in weaponizing the ideas of lockdowns and “social” distancing. They have, with the willing help of their media propaganda allies, stirred up hysterical reactions to a virus with what has become a slightly bigger impact on our health than the annual flu strains. The real impact has been the devastation of the economy from a completely unwarranted lockdown! They will continue to stir up the hysteria through Election Day… which is their real agenda, anyway. They hope to discredit the fantastic job that President Trump has done in his first term, in the misguided attempt to replace him with a dementia ridden pedophile, with no real accomplishments, who was the VP of the single most destructive and divisive president in our nation’s history, Barack Hussein Obama.

Then, another gift was dropped into their laps, in the form of a perplexing episode of what seems to have been police brutality… with lots of weird intersections in the two men’s lives involved… the bad cop and the man who he ended up killing during a bizarre arrest sequence triggered by an attempt to pass a counterfeit $20 bill. There is nothing cut and dried about the whole incident, including the fact that the two men worked as security at the same middle eastern restaurant, owned by a relative of Ilhan Omar. And that the man who was killed actually hung around the store that reported his attempt to pass the counterfeit bill for an hour or more, rather than get out of dodge before the cops arrived. Even more coincidental is the speed at which the demonstrations/riots began, complete with pallets of bricks dropped off at convenient corners, and with “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirts distributed to participants!

The fact that they are not only refusing to condemn the violence of BLM and Antifa, but are, in fact, embracing it, speaks volumes. What has happened is that they have let their abject hatred of President Trump color everything they touch.

Any way you look at it, the left has it’s hands deeply into this disgusting behavior and riots with no real message, other than to destroy America. This is becoming more and more evident, as the days go on, and more and more people are seeing the light! I have a feeling that President Trump will win reelection handily, if not in a landslide, come November 3rd!

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