False narratives abound!

So, through the course of watching various channels like ID and other Discovery network channels, and a few others, today, several new campaign ads from the Biden campaign were aired.  I can’t think of the last time I’ve heard more completely false BS spewed by anyone or any program on TV in a long time!

Apparently, Biden single-handedly delivered us from the Ebola outbreak.  Ummm… nope…

Also, apparently, Biden is a great uniter.  Ummm… not sure what planet he’s been on over the last 11 years, but the Obama administration was the single most divisive in history!  No demographic group was exempt from being categorized and either pandered to, or demonized.  The current anti-police rhetoric can be traced DIRECTLY to Obama’s idiotic statements after the Ferguson, MO shooting (justified) and subsequent riots.  And he made several other blatantly anti law enforcement statements during his administration.

I am continually amazed that ANYONE would consider supporting such a complete train wreck of a candidate as Joe Biden!  The guy can’t even put a coherent sentence together, most of the time!  His policies change every 10 minutes!  He often doesn’t even know what city or state that he’s in!  And, worst of all, he is a complete leftist, even though he claims to be a moderate.  Not even close!

The only reason anyone is supporting his candidacy is that, for reasons that make ZERO sense, there is a brain dead group of people who have a virulent, unwarranted hatred for Donald Trump.  There is so much false information being touted by the complicit media about Trump, 99.9% of which is blatantly false, and the other .1% is out of context and subjectively false.

The only thing these new ads for Biden will do, at least amongst those of us who have the ability to think critically, is to confirm our choice to vote for President Trump!  It is absolutely inconceivable, to me, for anyone to think that the Trump economy, with thousands of jobs and the reduction of crippling and idiotic regulations, along with the attitude of pro-life, pro-small business, pro-2nd amendment, and pro-America that pervades the Trump administration, is not a good thing!  President Trump has been, and will continue to be, the best president since Ronald Reagan!

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