Unprecedented lunacy about a virus

I’m only going to post this here… because I don’t need to argue the point with people who don’t share my political views… friends or not.  It doesn’t change my friendship, and arguments don’t serve to help that. 😉

Anyway… here goes…

This idiotic shit show that has been mistakenly labeled a “pandemic” has shown just how completely lacking in critical thinking the entire world has become.  I think the rest of the world, generally, takes its cues from the US, so we’re responsible for the unnecessary economic disaster that the completely unnecessary shutdowns have created!

We have daily “updates” on how many people have died from “COVID-19” (another misnomer, because, according to the CDC’s own numbers, only 6% of the number being reported actually died FROM COVID, and the rest had comorbidities, which likely accounts for at least 75% of those deaths, not the fact that they had a positive test for COVID).

Why don’t we have daily numbers of deaths from auto accidents, suicides, overdoses, cancers of various types, murders, etc?  They actually account for a significantly higher number of deaths on a daily basis, and yet are never mentioned.

The survivability rate from COVID-19 is 99.9% plus for those under 70, and 94% for those over 70.  You are statistically more likely to die in an auto accident, than from COVID-19, yet we continue to drive as usual.  You are statistically more likely to die from a heart attack (particularly those over around 55 years old) than from COVID-19.  And the list goes on.

Despite all that, we believe the media narrative that our hospitals are beyond capacity…  That wearing masks will protect us from this highly survivable virus… That going to church puts you at risk of contracting the virus, but going to Walmart or HEB doesn’t…  That Republican rallies and protests are “super spreader” events, but BLM and Antifa riots aren’t.  We mindlessly believe that we’re having a “spike” in infections, simply because more people are being tested, and every positive test, even if done on the same person, is counted as a new case.

Sorry, but I refuse to live in fear.  I wear a mask inside businesses, but have no illusions that it’s doing me any good (more likely it’s more harmful than good), but not outside, or in my car (who is that stupid, anyway?).

Bottom line, it’s time to stop being afraid of an imaginary boogeyman virus, and stop listening to the media narrative, and OPEN UP THE FRIGGIN’ COUNTRY!

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