No, Joe “Plugs” Biden is not the legitimate president, and never will be!

The events of the last 6 weeks or so have proven to be the single most brazen theft of an election perpetrated in this country ever!  Despite the overwhelming evidence of major fraud in at least 6 states (most likely just the tip of the true ice berg), state courts and, head scratchingly, the Supreme Court of the United States, have all refused to even hear the cases!

Several things are troubling and make no sense.

  1. Firstly, you cannot tell me that a senile old man with literally zero accomplishments in 40 years of political life, and did not even campaign outside of some unintelligible ramblings from his basement, garnered 80 million votes, over a very popular incumbent president, who routinely had 45,000 or more at his many campaign events, yet only, apparently, got about 72 million votes.  As this is said to be roughly 58% of eligible voters between the two, and historically, less than 40% of eligible voters actually vote, even in a presidential election, it is obvious that there was a significant number of fraudulent votes added into the mix… whether they were from ineligible or deceased voters, or just fraudulently copied “votes”  with only the presidential line voted on.
  2. It is also incomprehensible that so many Republican down ballot candidates won their elections handily, and yet those same voters voted for Joe Biden?  That is just not plausible!  It is extremely rare for more than a handful of people split their votes between parties, and yet we are being asked to believe that 70 or 80% of people who voted for Republican down ballot candidates did not vote for President Trump.  Sorry, not buying it!
  3. Now that there is ample evidence in the form of hundreds of affidavits from poll workers, observers, and even those contracted to work for Dominion voting systems, that there were literally hundreds of thousands of votes changed from Trump to Biden, either by replacing “damaged” ballots with pristine ones with Biden checked, or by algorithms in the Dominion voting machines that “weighted” Biden votes at 120% or more, and Trump votes at 80% or less.  That is not “1 man, 1 vote”!

I continue, as of today (December 16, 2020) to hold out hope for a major breakthrough involving either SCOTUS or the military, which will result in the arrest and imprisonment of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and numerous other colluders in this fraud, and the inauguration of Donald J Trump, on January 20, 2021, for another 4 years as our president.

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