The Perpetually Offended

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I can’t speak for you.  But I’m getting weary of the perpetually offended snowflake lefty loonies, who are offended by everything!

Here’s the thing.  YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING FROM ANYONE WHO HAPPENS TO OFFEND YOU, WHETHER THAT OFFENSE WAS UNINTENDED OR INTENTIONAL!  I couldn’t give a rat’s hind quarters if you’re offended by the fact that I am an unapologetic Christian, who strives to follow Christ!  I couldn’t care less if you’re offended by the fact that I am an unapologetic conservative, who also voted for Donald Trump twice, and would vote for him again, should he run!  I don’t owe you an apology for your own insecurities and immaturity that causes you to be so narcissistic to believe that everything is about you!

There are people who deserve apologies.  But the perpetually offended aren’t those people!  If anything, most of that group owe the rest of us, who actually act like adults, continuous apologies for their rioting, looting, destruction, false accusations and narratives, and blatant defiance of the living God’s commands!

The best advice you can give this group of childish morons is, “GET OVER YOURSELVES!!”

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