The Continuing Farce of COVID-19

So, the idiot that calls herself Governor of Oregon has decreed that people must wear masks outside! There is literally ZERO evidence that this will have ANY positive effect on ANY aspect of this clown show known as “COVID-19 Response” from, almost without exception, Democrat run states and cities! All this for a virus that is 99.94% survivable… which I can attest to, as I survived it without ever darkening the door of a Dr.’s office or hospital.

This entire thing has been misreported. Yes, there is a more contagious form of flu, aka COVID-19, that affects those with comorbidities negatively, and even fatally. But the testing protocols are wildly inaccurate… case in point, the the PCR test is for ANY coronavirus, including the common cold, and is thus, meaningless… and THERE IS NO TEST FOR THE so called Delta variant. The actual numbers are far lower than the sensationalist media and social media put out. Roughly 90% of deaths were caused by comorbidities, and it was only incidental that the patient had a positive (and questionable) COVID test. And of those, 50% or more of the diagnoses were based on false positives or “presumed positives” with no tests at all. I am sensitive to the devastation that ANY death brings, but we have done a great disservice to the world by doing the opposite of sound medical advice… i.e. locking down the healthy, rather than quarantining the sick and/or vulnerable!

These purported surges and waves are entirely media driven, and are largely false!

This entire last 18 months or so has been a complete farce in terms of the proper way to confront any illness. It has been entirely politically motivated, and makes the world less safe, not safer… less healthy, not healthier. And it has had little to do with the disease, and everything to do with control!

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