I Don’t Recognize My Country Anymore

While I realize that the lunacy that dominates the news cycle represents a very small, but very vocal, minority of the citizens of the US, it seems that our current government listens ONLY to those loons!

We are watching a demographically chosen SCOTUS candidate appearing before the Judiciary Committee, whose very presence displays the racism of the left. A woman who cannot define what a woman is. A woman who has treated pedophiles with ridiculously lenient sentences for repeated possession and dissemination of child pornography.

We are watching Disney become a supporter of child trafficking and pedophilic grooming of kindergartners.

We are watching our government display the most destructive and weak foreign policy since Carter. We watched a completely botched pullout of Afghanistan, which resulted in the deaths of 13 of our brave service men and women, and the abandonment of hundreds of allies and US citizens to the horrors of the Taliban. We have watched our weak foreign policy allow the current aggression by Putin in Ukraine.

We have experienced rampant inflation, and the highest gas prices in history, because of the incompetence of the Biden administration, including the shutdown of our oil and gas industry in the name of the myth of anthropogenic climate change.

We are watching the moral decay of our society fueled by the indoctrination of our youth in public schools, universities and the like, where history is being rewritten to match the looney narratives of the so-called “woke”. Where high school and college students are no longer being taught how to learn, but are being taught to regurgitate patent falsehoods about race, conservation, gender/biology, and what constitutes freedom.

When a president and his administration create their policies based solely on undoing everything done by the previous administration, particularly when the policies of the previous administration allowed our country and it’s citizens to thrive, and projected strength to the rest of the world, you have the recipe for disaster.

President Biden is the single most incompetent president in the history of our country, and that’s saying a lot! He is arguably senile, gaff-prone, and an avowed leftist, no matter whether he claims to be moderate or not! (He’s not!)

The mid-term elections promise to become a shellacking of the left in the House and Senate, but that may not be soon enough to recover our country from the nose dive that Biden has put us into!

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