The Cheney meltdown

I am saddened that a man that I used to respect, namely former VP Dick Cheney, has lost the plot entirely! He was doing a campaign ad for his anti-Trumper daughter Liz, and had the puzzling idea that Donald Trump is the single most dangerous individual to our Democracy!

I’m not sure what planet he has landed on… or whether he has followed Joe Biden into dementia-ville… but that has got to be the single most idiotic statement I’ve heard in a long time… including the daily drivel from Biden! The man whose policies ushered in one of our best economies in decades, who bolstered our respect and standing in the world, and had our illegal immigration situation almost completely solved, is hardly a danger to our Democracy! If anything, his smaller government, lower taxes, and less interference in our personal lives, policies served to strengthen our Democracy… or, more correctly, our Constitutional Republic!

Sorry, Dick… but you just erased what little credibility you had left. You need to shut up and stay home. Your daughter is NOT going to be reelected, and her involvement in the Lefty witch hunt they call a “select committee” re: Jan 6th, is the very definition of “danger to our Democracy”. A one sided, made up narrative, with no ability for rebuttal, pushing a completely and demonstrably false narrative is about as anti-democracy as you can get!

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