We’re “solving” the wrong problem!

Dean L. Gano

Long read but worth it!!! Eight Lessons Learned (So Far) From the COVID-19 Economic Shutdown 1. We solved the wrong problem. 2. Never listen to an epidemiologist again. 3. The “Scientific” Models Suck. 4. Groupthink will kill more people than the virus, so don’t let it suck you in. 5. Follow […]

Time to Open Up the Economy!

It’s way past time for common sense to prevail in our current and unprecedented reaction to a virus. Something that HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. We are “quarantining” healthy people, rather than those that are sick or in the at risk categories, such as those with underlying conditions like diabetes, heart disease, COPD, etc.

As […]

More musings on COVID-19 derangement syndrome

While I know that you can’t necessarily believe everything on Facebook/Internet/Social Media…

There are increasing reports, or at least speculations, that the number of presumptive positives for COVID-19, most “infected” in the last couple of months of 2019, are 400 or more times as many as are being reported on the main stream propaganda channels, […]


I’m really baffled by people who continue to have an irrational hatred of President Trump. (aka Trump Derangement Syndrome) These are people who have similar views, on many issues, as I do.

Here’s the thing:

1) I’m pro-life… conception to natural death. President Trump has been the single most effective pro-life president in my life […]

COVID-19 Hysteria

While many may disagree with my take, I think we have tended to overblow the situation we find ourselves in with the COVID-19 infection crisis. True to form, the main stream media have sensationalized everything about it. They get incensed by it’s proper description as a Chinese Wuhan Virus (which is completely accurate) and call […]

Scandal free?

I have read more and more deluded posts on social media about how the Obama administration was 8 years of no scandals. Ummm…. nope.

How about “Fast and Furious”. Selling guns to cartels in Mexico. How about leaving an ambassador to die, along with 3 other brave Americans, in Benghazi. How about pallets of cash […]

Redefining Words

I’m noticing, more and more, that there are many commonly used terms that are being redefined, by the left, to mean something completely different from the true definitions.

Racism – Most of us define racism as: a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually […]

The Irresponsible Waste of Taxpayer Money Otherwise Known as Impeachment

The collection of Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers, otherwise referred to as the Democratic Party, have dragged our country through several months of idiotic rantings based on hearsay and conjecture, and totally partisan hatred, otherwise referred to as an Impeachment trial.

First and foremost, the beginning premise, that the President somehow was bribing a foreign government […]

Taking Offense vs Free Speech

In the current climate of taking offense at every little word or perception or belief, I think it’s time for us to stop worrying about what others may or may not think of us, and get on with life. Yes, there is such a thing as courtesy and manners, but when it really comes […]

“Gun Free Zones” don’t work!

I’ve read, recently, that it was then President Jimmy Carter who began the farce of a policy that is the mythical “gun free zone”. Anyone with a couple of brain cells to rub together should be able to see what a fallacy this is. As was reportedly stated in the El Paso shooter’s alleged manifesto, […]

Stupidity when pulled over or questioned by Police officers

I’ve been enjoying the new show on A&E called “Live PD” and it’s recent spinoff, “Live Rescue” over the last year or so. I’ve also been amazed at the abject stupidity of those pulled over for a number of reasons.

Here’s the thing… if you don’t want to get arrested, DON’T BREAK THE LAW! Are […]

No scandals?

I have been literally dumbfounded by the contention that the Obama administration was scandal-free! Not even close to reality!

Remember Benghazi? Remember Fast and Furious? Remember SecState Hillary Clinton using a private server? Remember the pallets of cash given to Iran in the middle of the night?

These are just a few of the bona […]

Undocumented? Nope. Illegal.

I am heartily tired of the ludicrous idea that we should be calling the law breaking act of crossing the border illegally “undocumented”. First of all, you can be absolutely sure that there is lots of documentation of the illegal act. Secondly, the only reason that liberals want to change the terminology, is to make […]

Wildlife conservation, trophy hunting, and poaching

I am getting a bit tired of seeing posts that disparage trophy hunting as negative to the overall goal of sensible and sustainable wildlife conservation, while ignoring the main cause of endangerment of those same animals… POACHING!!

In terms of percentage alone, it is arguable that trophy hunting kills barely register on the spectrum when […]

The Midterms

What the heck is wrong with people??? When loonie lefties like the deranged governor of Oregon are re-elected… and other leftie loons like Gavin Newsome are elected to Governorships (CA in his case)… and anti-semitics are elected to state and federal offices in Minnesota… and completely brain dead so-called economists win an election in New […]

Motorhome Woes and Triumphs

As many of you know, my motorhome made it 3400 miles of my 3600 mile vacation trip in July and August to the Northwest and back. It spent exactly 68 days at a truck shop just outside of Clovis, NM, with a blown power steering hose (deep in the guts where it is virtually impossible […]

The Circus in the Senate this week

I have been totally disgusted with the complete circus that has characterized the Senate “hearing” in the case of the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Completely uncorroborated accusations from 35 plus years ago, where the accuser cannot remember place, time, or even who was there, other than saying she is “100%” sure […]

Borders, laws, kids

I’ve gotten heartily tired of hearing the left’s mantra “they’re ripping kids from their parents’ arms at the border”. It’s an overstatement of what’s really going on, and is only an attempt to fuel a false narrative that the media and the left have been pushing.

So, here’s the thing. If someone is arrested for […]

The EU

Well, the toothless and ignorant EU parliament has decided that it trusts the completely untrustworthy regime in Iran, and will continue to support the complete rag of an “agreement” with Iran that was “negotiated” by the single worst Secretary of State in US history, John “Lurch” Kerry. Frankly, who cares? The EU has never, and […]

An Historic Day!

Today, the acknowledgment of what has been true for 5000 years, that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish State, is truly historic. Queue the lefties’ handwringing and denunciation of the Trump administration as rash and impulsive (even though the US Congress passed a bill in the 90’s declaring our recognition of Jerusalem, not Tel […]