Getting settled in…

I’ve been in the mountain sandbox for 3 weeks, now…

I’m getting settled into the routine of fly/eat/sleep/fly, and will be here until early April. I intend to do some traveling in my motorhome in April and/or may, once I’m stateside. It’s nice to be making money again, after about 9 months waiting for […]

The latest on deployment

So, the latest is…

I’m scheduled for the pre-deployment training (called CRC) at Ft Bliss, TX, starting on January 29th. It lasts for a week, then I’m off to the mountain sandbox.

Back home, ready to start (or restart) a new chapter

After 40 hours of travel, including 3 layovers (2, 4 hours long, and 1, 10 hours long) I arrived, somewhat worse for the wear, home to Minneapolis. I have roughly 2 months to recuperate, reorganize, and get ready to move to Michigan to pick up where I left off with USA Jet last summer. I’m […]

All over but the “fat lady singing”

Well, I sent off my “gorilla box” of excess stuff that I didn’t want to pay excess baggage for at the Bagram Post Office, today. Then confirmed my outbound flight to Dubai at 1300 tomorrow afternoon.

Spent the rest of the afternoon, alternately packing and resting… now that I’m done with the flying here, I […]

A relatively uneventful flying day

Yesterday turned out to be a pleasantly uneventful flying day, for a change. It was still long… 11 1/2 hours of duty… but there were none of the usual delays that are associated with the particular mix of airports/airstrips we were scheduled to fly to.

What resulted was a blessedly stress free (in relative terms) […]

Quick reprieve

Yesterday, the other captain that was here left for another job… and a replacement captain just arrived this afternoon. That meant that any flying yesterday and today was going to be done by me. I flew the 2 previous days, as well, so today would have been 4 long days in a row.

Well, I […]

OK, let’s try this again!

Well, I just got revised travel out of Afghanistan on the 21st of January. I should be home in the evening of the 22nd.

I hope to join a class at USA Jet to resume training on the DC-9 as a first officer, but haven’t been officially offered the class, yet. I’m told that they’re […]

Not so fast!

Well, I was asked to extend for a couple of weeks, here, in Bagram… and I agreed, as it will be mutually beneficial to both the company and to me! I will have another paycheck in hand to tide me over until my next adventure starts, whether that’s flying DC-9’s or another job which I’m […]

Semper Gumby

Well, my time here in Afghanistan is quickly drawing to a close. I have travel set up for January 8th, arriving home in Minneapolis on the 9th. Nothing is set in concrete, yet, but I am hoping to pick up where I left off with USA Jet Airlines in Ypsilanti, MI, flying as a first […]

Late Christmas Post

Well, I had meant to post on Christmas Day… but got sidetracked into other endeavors of relaxation! But, just the same, I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. There are all kinds of distractions that pin heathen origins to our traditions… but the only significance of Christmas […]

The Afghanistan Crud

Well, I’ve spent the last 4 or 5 days fighting a very poorly timed Afghanistan cold. It’s not helped at all by the dust or “fecal matter” layer that hangs in the air everywhere! I’ve been taking Nyquil liquicaps, which have helped me sleep, but this thing’s hanging on longer than normal. Usually it’s a […]

Scenery shots and lots of flying…

A few days ago, I was able to take a reasonable facsimile of a picture of the cliff in a place called Bamiyan where the huge statue of Bhudda was blown up by the Taliban a number of years ago. The little black area that looks like a cave in the middle is the place […]

Long gap… winter has arrived… etc…

After another period of silence, I figured I’d better post something!

Same old, same old

I know, I know… I’ve been a bit quiet for the last few days. I can’t say that I’ve been flying each of those days, but things have taken on a “same old, same old” flavor in our operations here. Same old airports/airstrips… same old passengers… same old airplanes.

Don’t take the remark about passengers […]

Clear and a million

Yesterday (Saturday the 13th) was a full flying day. It started out cool and clear, and pretty much stayed that way all day long! I tried to capture some of the mountain snow caps, but couldn’t really get them through the somewhat less than clean window of the airplane!


Earthquakes and “incoming”

Thursday was an interesting day! First, at about 1 am, we felt a weak tremor… probably part of the 5.5 earthquake that hit somewhere over in Iran. Then, at about 2000 (8 pm for you non-military types :)), the sirens went off, and the loudspeakers announced, “Incoming! Incoming!”, which means some sort of artillery or […]

Back in the saddle

I flew my first flight after getting back from R&R, yesterday. Had the same frustrating wait for fuel in Kandahar, but all in all, a good flight back. I wasn’t all that keen on flying from the right seat, but had a good flight with a new (to us since I left on R&R) captain, […]

Back in the “mountain sandbox”

After a relaxing 30 day “R&R” in Minnesota and elsewhere, I’m back in Afghanistan for another 60 day rotation. At first blush, I’m wondering, “why did I come back?” But some improvements have taken place, as we now have 3 crews for the 2 aircraft, so work will be slightly less high paced. So, for […]