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Category Archives: COVID-19

The Continuing Farce of COVID-19

So, the idiot that calls herself Governor of Oregon has decreed that people must wear masks outside! There is literally ZERO evidence that this will have ANY positive effect on ANY aspect of this clown show known as “COVID-19 Response” from, almost without exception, Democrat run states and cities! All this for a virus that […]

Silver Lining?

If there is anything close to a silver lining in all of the madness that has characterized 2020, so far, it’s got to be that the left and their anti-American and anti-Christian aims are being totally unmasked! Now, I’m not one who thinks that they engineered the COVID-19 epidemic… but once it was discovered, they […]

Mask or no mask?

To all who think that masks provide protection from transmitting COVID-19 to others, a recent article that I read, written by a surgeon (who wears masks daily), pretty much burst that bubble. There are three kinds of masks being used around the country… really, around the world… these days.  The top of the line, apparently, […]

The Man Who Cried “Wolf”

One of the most damaging effects that will come from the idiotic fiasco that this useless lockdown has become will be the fact that, in the future, NO ONE will believe it when they’re told there’s a “pandemic” coming, ever again! As the days go on, we are finding out that this whole lockdown has […]

Masks? No thanks!

It is becoming more and more evident, and actually, it has been this way all along, that masks don’t do diddly squat to prevent contracting or prevent the spread of COVID-19. Yet the “medical” talking heads, namely Drs Fauci and Birx, can’t seem to stop themselves and others from recommending something that is medically more […]

We’re “solving” the wrong problem!

Dean L. Gano Long read but worth it!!! Eight Lessons Learned (So Far) From the COVID-19 Economic Shutdown 1. We solved the wrong problem. 2. Never listen to an epidemiologist again. 3. The “Scientific” Models Suck. 4. Groupthink will kill more people than the virus, so don’t let it suck you in. 5. Follow […]

Time to Open Up the Economy!

It’s way past time for common sense to prevail in our current and unprecedented reaction to a virus.  Something that HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE.  We are “quarantining” healthy people, rather than those that are sick or in the at risk categories, such as those with underlying conditions like diabetes, heart disease, COPD, etc. As […]

More musings on COVID-19 derangement syndrome

While I know that you can’t necessarily believe everything on Facebook/Internet/Social Media… There are increasing reports, or at least speculations, that the number of presumptive positives for COVID-19, most “infected” in the last couple of months of 2019, are 400 or more times as many as are being reported on the main stream propaganda channels, […]

COVID-19 Hysteria

While many may disagree with my take, I think we have tended to overblow the situation we find ourselves in with the COVID-19 infection crisis.  True to form, the main stream media have sensationalized everything about it.  They get incensed by it’s proper description as a Chinese Wuhan Virus (which is completely accurate) and call […]