Returning to Midland

Well, I’m headed back to Midland, and back to DVA (Denarius Ventures Aviation).

I’ve been flying FAR Part 135 flights in a Citation Bravo out of Austin, TX, since May, and the schedule has been grueling for this old guy! The plane is on a dedicated contract with Sentient, a “jet card” company. We did […]

Motorhome Woes and Triumphs

As many of you know, my motorhome made it 3400 miles of my 3600 mile vacation trip in July and August to the Northwest and back. It spent exactly 68 days at a truck shop just outside of Clovis, NM, with a blown power steering hose (deep in the guts where it is virtually impossible […]

2 months on

I’ve been here in Midland for roughly 2 months, now, getting settled into the “routine” at work, which isn’t particularly routine. Right now, I average 3 trips in each 2 week period, with a few overnight trips in the mix. I fly 3 different King Airs, an F90, a ’97 B200, and now a brand […]

A lot of water under the bridge

Well, my last post was soon after arrival in Afghanistan, back in February. Now it’s June, and I completed one rotation over there mid-April, and decided not to return.

I have taken a job with a friend from my time flying Beech 1900’s in Mali, West Africa, in Midland, TX. I’m one of 6 pilots […]