One man, one vote? Not anymore!

I keep hearing the talking heads on TV and elsewhere asking what went wrong with last week’s “election”. They’re all pretty much missing the point.

It isn’t that we, as conservatives slash Republicans, did anything wrong. It’s that the Democratic machine has left the concept of “one man, one vote”, or more correctly, “one […]

The Cheney meltdown

I am saddened that a man that I used to respect, namely former VP Dick Cheney, has lost the plot entirely! He was doing a campaign ad for his anti-Trumper daughter Liz, and had the puzzling idea that Donald Trump is the single most dangerous individual to our Democracy!

I’m not sure what planet […]

I Don’t Recognize My Country Anymore

While I realize that the lunacy that dominates the news cycle represents a very small, but very vocal, minority of the citizens of the US, it seems that our current government listens ONLY to those loons!

We are watching a demographically chosen SCOTUS candidate appearing before the Judiciary Committee, whose very presence displays the racism […]

The Perpetually Offended

I can’t speak for you. But I’m getting weary of the perpetually offended snowflake lefty loonies, who are offended by everything!


Mental illness now the norm

Just from posts on Facebook, and other social media platforms, it has become increasingly evident that the mental illness that characterizes the looney left is being foisted upon us as being normal!

People actually believe that a senile old coot, who campaigned from his basement, and has trouble completing a coherent sentence, actually garnered the […]

Another Fraudulent “Election”

As of this morning, it is apparent that the SecState and Governor of Georgia didn’t learn a thing from their disastrous handling of the November 3rd election! When you see “votes left to count” counting up, and not down, as time goes on, you know that another huge fraud is being perpetrated in Fulton County […]

No, Joe “Plugs” Biden is not the legitimate president, and never will be!

The events of the last 6 weeks or so have proven to be the single most brazen theft of an election perpetrated in this country ever! Despite the overwhelming evidence of major fraud in at least 6 states (most likely just the tip of the true ice berg), state courts and, head scratchingly, the Supreme […]

Unprecedented lunacy about a virus

I’m only going to post this here… because I don’t need to argue the point with people who don’t share my political views… friends or not. It doesn’t change my friendship, and arguments don’t serve to help that. 😉

Anyway… here goes…

This idiotic shit show that has been mistakenly labeled a “pandemic” has shown […]

Stolen election in progress!

The crap show that has been in progress for the last several days can only be characterized as such, based on the overwhelming (but ignored by the mainstream media) evidence of major election fraud in progress in many states, including AZ, NV, MI, PA, GA, WI, and MN. You cannot tell me that a block […]

False narratives abound!

So, through the course of watching various channels like ID and other Discovery network channels, and a few others, today, several new campaign ads from the Biden campaign were aired. I can’t think of the last time I’ve heard more completely false BS spewed by anyone or any program on TV in a long time!


Silver Lining?

If there is anything close to a silver lining in all of the madness that has characterized 2020, so far, it’s got to be that the left and their anti-American and anti-Christian aims are being totally unmasked!

Now, I’m not one who thinks that they engineered the COVID-19 epidemic… but once it was discovered, they […]

What ever happened to common sense?

It has increasingly been a head scratching idea, to me, that ANYONE thinks that Joe Biden is qualified, much less possessed of any coherent thoughts, anymore, to be president. It seems obvious, to me, that the polls that put him in the lead make no sense. It is more likely that the pollsters are not […]

White Privilege? Never Existed!

The only thing anyone needs to understand about “White Privilege” is that it does not now, nor has it ever, existed. Pure BS with a ton of crap on top! We have degenerated into a society of whiners who live in a state of perpetual grievance… and a state of perpetual division into demographics.

I […]


Sorry, but I don’t buy this BS “Blacked out Tuesday” thing. I’ve got to rant, just a little. I’ve vacillated a bit on whether to post this, but I’ve had enough of the crap we’ve been put through over the last week, in this country.

We need to stop being afraid of our own shadows […]

False Narratives Destroy Lives

So, what we have witnessed unfold over the last week, since the death of George Floyd at the hands of a rogue cop, is being touted as a response to police systematically targeting blacks. This is a completely and demonstrably false narrative that has been consistently foisted on us by the professional race baiters and […]

It wasn’t about race until you made it about race!

You see “black man murdered by white cop” I see “innocent man murdered by corrupt cop” we are not the same.

I think we need to stop making the reprehensible act of a corrupt cop about racism. It was simply a bad cop that shouldn’t have ever been on the force. There are plenty […]

Idiots rioting and the complete failure of leadership in Minneapolis

The fact that a bad cop caused the death of a man in his custody is troubling. And he has been arrested and charged, from what I’ve heard, on 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree manslaughter charges.

What is even more troubling, though, is that there are people in Minneapolis who think rioting and looting […]

Good Cop, Bad Cop

In the wake of the incident of apparent police brutality, or at least gross stupidity, that took place in Minneapolis, there are a couple of things that come to mind.

1) The majority of cops who are good, law abiding, oath following servants of their communities need to be better at calling out the bad […]


I’m really baffled by people who continue to have an irrational hatred of President Trump. (aka Trump Derangement Syndrome) These are people who have similar views, on many issues, as I do.

Here’s the thing:

1) I’m pro-life… conception to natural death. President Trump has been the single most effective pro-life president in my life […]

Scandal free?

I have read more and more deluded posts on social media about how the Obama administration was 8 years of no scandals. Ummm…. nope.

How about “Fast and Furious”. Selling guns to cartels in Mexico. How about leaving an ambassador to die, along with 3 other brave Americans, in Benghazi. How about pallets of cash […]