The Perpetually Offended

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I can’t speak for you.  But I’m getting weary of the perpetually offended snowflake lefty loonies, who are offended by everything!

Here’s the thing.  YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING FROM ANYONE WHO HAPPENS TO OFFEND YOU, WHETHER THAT OFFENSE WAS UNINTENDED OR INTENTIONAL!  I couldn’t give a rat’s hind quarters if you’re offended by the fact that I am an unapologetic Christian, who strives to follow Christ!  I couldn’t care less if you’re offended by the fact that I am an unapologetic conservative, who also voted for Donald Trump twice, and would vote for him again, should he run!  I don’t owe you an apology for your own insecurities and immaturity that causes you to be so narcissistic to believe that everything is about you!

There are people who deserve apologies.  But the perpetually offended aren’t those people!  If anything, most of that group owe the rest of us, who actually act like adults, continuous apologies for their rioting, looting, destruction, false accusations and narratives, and blatant defiance of the living God’s commands!

The best advice you can give this group of childish morons is, “GET OVER YOURSELVES!!”

Mental illness now the norm

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Just from posts on Facebook, and other social media platforms, it has become increasingly evident that the mental illness that characterizes the looney left is being foisted upon us as being normal!

People actually believe that a senile old coot, who campaigned from his basement, and has trouble completing a coherent sentence, actually garnered the highest number of popular votes in our country’s history!  Sorry, I ain’t buyin’ it!

When countless states violated their own constitutions and election laws by allowing anyone, citizen or not, alive or not, felon or not, to vote. When overwhelming evidence of voter fraud, from multiple ballots from the same person, to actual manipulation within the voting machines’ software to count votes for Biden greater than 1, and votes for Trump less than 1, to sending out ballots without a request, and without verifying the status of the persons returning those ballots, to… the list is endless.

Now, with each passing day in the disastrous and anti-American, agenda driven Biden administration, more completely idiotic policies are being proposed and passed by Nancy Pelosi’s sycophantic minions in the House (who have a dwindling majority that MUST BE REVERSED IN 2022!).  They continue to use the sham “pandemic” as an excuse to take more and more of our freedoms away, and to reverse the positive policies of the Trump administration that had our country on the road to unprecedented fiscal and economic growth.

There is no doubt that the left, in this country, has no intention of being pro-American.  If anything, they are, as a rule, completely anti-American, and are not interested in making the lives of average Americans better, but, more correctly, are invested in destroying our economy, our military, and our standing in the world, simply because they are only interest in control… control of every aspect of our lives.

Mark my words… God is not mocked!  We are seeing lots of those “signs, wars, and rumors of wars” prophesied about in the Book of Revelation!  And, in the human sense, there will soon be a point at which true Americans will say, “no more!”  One way or another, this crap will soon be over, whether that means the 2nd Coming of Christ, or, in the nearer term, an armed revolution to take back our country!

Off to Austin

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I am just starting a job as a Citation Bravo captain for Saturn Aviation, based out of Austin Bergstrom Airport in Austin, TX. Over the next few weeks (after I find a place to rent) I’ll be moving from Midland to the Austin area. I’ll probably try to find a little house on a larger plot of land, out in the country. I’ve actually seen a few promising prospects on Zillow.

Another Fraudulent “Election”

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As of this morning, it is apparent that the SecState and Governor of Georgia didn’t learn a thing from their disastrous handling of the November 3rd election!  When you see “votes left to count” counting up, and not down, as time goes on, you know that another huge fraud is being perpetrated in Fulton County and other Democrat run areas!  This last 10 week or so period has been one of the darkest in electoral history!  6 states have multitudinous credible examples of blatant fraud in the form of dead people “voting”, illegal aliens casting illegal votes, examples of people casting more than one vote, and hacked and/or hackable voting machines adding votes for Biden and taking votes from Trump.  It’s likely that many other states have similar issues, but these 6 were the so-called battleground states where they were neither consistently Democrat or Republican in previous presidential elections.  When you stop counting at 4 in the morning, then, after the election monitors were told to come back many hours later, they started counting again, brining in boxes of “votes” with no chains of custody, brought in surreptitiously in the dark of night, and voting machines were tallying more votes than they were physically capable of in the short time that it took for the vote totals to reverse from a Trump win to a Biden false “win”.

This election is truly the one with the most drastic implications than any in our lifetimes, if not since the beginning of our constitutional republic!  It has been the single most blatant stealing of an election in our history, and has been more blatantly fraudulent than many of the examples in countries around the world with dictatorships, like Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and others!



Also, if you are from Georgia, and voted for either of those far left idiots, you are completely devoid of the ability to think critically!  Warnock is not a legitimate “pastor”!  He is an evil, anti-semitic, pro-abortion, apostate, who should not ever be given any position of authority in any organization or government!  Ossoff is an avowed socialist idiot, with no experience in anything, other than spouting the bullshit lefty socialist narrative!


No, Joe “Plugs” Biden is not the legitimate president, and never will be!

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The events of the last 6 weeks or so have proven to be the single most brazen theft of an election perpetrated in this country ever!  Despite the overwhelming evidence of major fraud in at least 6 states (most likely just the tip of the true ice berg), state courts and, head scratchingly, the Supreme Court of the United States, have all refused to even hear the cases!

Several things are troubling and make no sense.

  1. Firstly, you cannot tell me that a senile old man with literally zero accomplishments in 40 years of political life, and did not even campaign outside of some unintelligible ramblings from his basement, garnered 80 million votes, over a very popular incumbent president, who routinely had 45,000 or more at his many campaign events, yet only, apparently, got about 72 million votes.  As this is said to be roughly 58% of eligible voters between the two, and historically, less than 40% of eligible voters actually vote, even in a presidential election, it is obvious that there was a significant number of fraudulent votes added into the mix… whether they were from ineligible or deceased voters, or just fraudulently copied “votes”  with only the presidential line voted on.
  2. It is also incomprehensible that so many Republican down ballot candidates won their elections handily, and yet those same voters voted for Joe Biden?  That is just not plausible!  It is extremely rare for more than a handful of people split their votes between parties, and yet we are being asked to believe that 70 or 80% of people who voted for Republican down ballot candidates did not vote for President Trump.  Sorry, not buying it!
  3. Now that there is ample evidence in the form of hundreds of affidavits from poll workers, observers, and even those contracted to work for Dominion voting systems, that there were literally hundreds of thousands of votes changed from Trump to Biden, either by replacing “damaged” ballots with pristine ones with Biden checked, or by algorithms in the Dominion voting machines that “weighted” Biden votes at 120% or more, and Trump votes at 80% or less.  That is not “1 man, 1 vote”!

I continue, as of today (December 16, 2020) to hold out hope for a major breakthrough involving either SCOTUS or the military, which will result in the arrest and imprisonment of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and numerous other colluders in this fraud, and the inauguration of Donald J Trump, on January 20, 2021, for another 4 years as our president.

Unprecedented lunacy about a virus

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I’m only going to post this here… because I don’t need to argue the point with people who don’t share my political views… friends or not.  It doesn’t change my friendship, and arguments don’t serve to help that. 😉

Anyway… here goes…

This idiotic shit show that has been mistakenly labeled a “pandemic” has shown just how completely lacking in critical thinking the entire world has become.  I think the rest of the world, generally, takes its cues from the US, so we’re responsible for the unnecessary economic disaster that the completely unnecessary shutdowns have created!

We have daily “updates” on how many people have died from “COVID-19” (another misnomer, because, according to the CDC’s own numbers, only 6% of the number being reported actually died FROM COVID, and the rest had comorbidities, which likely accounts for at least 75% of those deaths, not the fact that they had a positive test for COVID).

Why don’t we have daily numbers of deaths from auto accidents, suicides, overdoses, cancers of various types, murders, etc?  They actually account for a significantly higher number of deaths on a daily basis, and yet are never mentioned.

The survivability rate from COVID-19 is 99.9% plus for those under 70, and 94% for those over 70.  You are statistically more likely to die in an auto accident, than from COVID-19, yet we continue to drive as usual.  You are statistically more likely to die from a heart attack (particularly those over around 55 years old) than from COVID-19.  And the list goes on.

Despite all that, we believe the media narrative that our hospitals are beyond capacity…  That wearing masks will protect us from this highly survivable virus… That going to church puts you at risk of contracting the virus, but going to Walmart or HEB doesn’t…  That Republican rallies and protests are “super spreader” events, but BLM and Antifa riots aren’t.  We mindlessly believe that we’re having a “spike” in infections, simply because more people are being tested, and every positive test, even if done on the same person, is counted as a new case.

Sorry, but I refuse to live in fear.  I wear a mask inside businesses, but have no illusions that it’s doing me any good (more likely it’s more harmful than good), but not outside, or in my car (who is that stupid, anyway?).

Bottom line, it’s time to stop being afraid of an imaginary boogeyman virus, and stop listening to the media narrative, and OPEN UP THE FRIGGIN’ COUNTRY!

Stolen election in progress!

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The crap show that has been in progress for the last several days can only be characterized as such, based on the overwhelming (but ignored by the mainstream media) evidence of major election fraud in progress in many states, including AZ, NV, MI, PA, GA, WI, and MN.  You cannot tell me that a block of votes exceeding 130,000 suddenly appeared overnight in PA, and were all for Biden!  A similar anomaly occurred in MI, and WI, and now GA and PA!

It is absolutely incomprehensible to me that a candidate who held “rallies” with 8 or 10 people at them is actually garnering as many votes as a man who routinely addressed crowds of 25,000+ at his rallies!  And it is also incomprehensible that a man who routinely forgets where he is, who he is running against, what office he’s running for, and speaks in gibberish, has received as many or more votes as the single most effective president since Ronald Reagan!

There is no doubt in my mind that the current election is the most corrupt in our lifetime!  There is also no doubt in my mind that we are in danger of the election being stolen by unscrupulous and decidedly unAmerican criminals in the Democrat cabal!

False narratives abound!

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So, through the course of watching various channels like ID and other Discovery network channels, and a few others, today, several new campaign ads from the Biden campaign were aired.  I can’t think of the last time I’ve heard more completely false BS spewed by anyone or any program on TV in a long time!

Apparently, Biden single-handedly delivered us from the Ebola outbreak.  Ummm… nope…

Also, apparently, Biden is a great uniter.  Ummm… not sure what planet he’s been on over the last 11 years, but the Obama administration was the single most divisive in history!  No demographic group was exempt from being categorized and either pandered to, or demonized.  The current anti-police rhetoric can be traced DIRECTLY to Obama’s idiotic statements after the Ferguson, MO shooting (justified) and subsequent riots.  And he made several other blatantly anti law enforcement statements during his administration.

I am continually amazed that ANYONE would consider supporting such a complete train wreck of a candidate as Joe Biden!  The guy can’t even put a coherent sentence together, most of the time!  His policies change every 10 minutes!  He often doesn’t even know what city or state that he’s in!  And, worst of all, he is a complete leftist, even though he claims to be a moderate.  Not even close!

The only reason anyone is supporting his candidacy is that, for reasons that make ZERO sense, there is a brain dead group of people who have a virulent, unwarranted hatred for Donald Trump.  There is so much false information being touted by the complicit media about Trump, 99.9% of which is blatantly false, and the other .1% is out of context and subjectively false.

The only thing these new ads for Biden will do, at least amongst those of us who have the ability to think critically, is to confirm our choice to vote for President Trump!  It is absolutely inconceivable, to me, for anyone to think that the Trump economy, with thousands of jobs and the reduction of crippling and idiotic regulations, along with the attitude of pro-life, pro-small business, pro-2nd amendment, and pro-America that pervades the Trump administration, is not a good thing!  President Trump has been, and will continue to be, the best president since Ronald Reagan!

Silver Lining?

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If there is anything close to a silver lining in all of the madness that has characterized 2020, so far, it’s got to be that the left and their anti-American and anti-Christian aims are being totally unmasked!

Now, I’m not one who thinks that they engineered the COVID-19 epidemic… but once it was discovered, they wasted no time in weaponizing the ideas of lockdowns and “social” distancing. They have, with the willing help of their media propaganda allies, stirred up hysterical reactions to a virus with what has become a slightly bigger impact on our health than the annual flu strains. The real impact has been the devastation of the economy from a completely unwarranted lockdown! They will continue to stir up the hysteria through Election Day… which is their real agenda, anyway. They hope to discredit the fantastic job that President Trump has done in his first term, in the misguided attempt to replace him with a dementia ridden pedophile, with no real accomplishments, who was the VP of the single most destructive and divisive president in our nation’s history, Barack Hussein Obama.

Then, another gift was dropped into their laps, in the form of a perplexing episode of what seems to have been police brutality… with lots of weird intersections in the two men’s lives involved… the bad cop and the man who he ended up killing during a bizarre arrest sequence triggered by an attempt to pass a counterfeit $20 bill. There is nothing cut and dried about the whole incident, including the fact that the two men worked as security at the same middle eastern restaurant, owned by a relative of Ilhan Omar. And that the man who was killed actually hung around the store that reported his attempt to pass the counterfeit bill for an hour or more, rather than get out of dodge before the cops arrived. Even more coincidental is the speed at which the demonstrations/riots began, complete with pallets of bricks dropped off at convenient corners, and with “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirts distributed to participants!

The fact that they are not only refusing to condemn the violence of BLM and Antifa, but are, in fact, embracing it, speaks volumes. What has happened is that they have let their abject hatred of President Trump color everything they touch.

Any way you look at it, the left has it’s hands deeply into this disgusting behavior and riots with no real message, other than to destroy America. This is becoming more and more evident, as the days go on, and more and more people are seeing the light! I have a feeling that President Trump will win reelection handily, if not in a landslide, come November 3rd!

What ever happened to common sense?

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It has increasingly been a head scratching idea, to me, that ANYONE thinks that Joe Biden is qualified, much less possessed of any coherent thoughts, anymore, to be president. It seems obvious, to me, that the polls that put him in the lead make no sense. It is more likely that the pollsters are not polling an accurate sample… and that’s likely because most conservatives have no time to mess around with misleading poll questions and even more misleading results.

Common sense would dictate that a man who can’t even string together a coherent sentence, would not be qualified to occupy one of the most powerful offices in the world.

Common sense would dictate that a man who routinely fabricates “facts” about what he has done in the past, much less his qualifications on foreign policy, would not even deserve consideration for ANY public office.

Common sense would dictate that the Vice President of the single most divisive president in our lifetimes, who participated in the abandonment of an ambassador and 3 others in Benghazi, should NEVER have any control over our military or foreign policy.

Common sense would dictate that we SHOULD RE-ELECT the single most pro-life, pro-small business, pro-religious freedom (as opposed to the anti-Christian rhetoric of Barack Hussein Obama), pro-military, and pro-American president since Ronald Reagan, President Donald J Trump!

Mask or no mask?

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To all who think that masks provide protection from transmitting COVID-19 to others, a recent article that I read, written by a surgeon (who wears masks daily), pretty much burst that bubble.

There are three kinds of masks being used around the country… really, around the world… these days.  The top of the line, apparently, is the N95 mask.  Then the hospital type surgical masks, and thirdly, homemade cloth masks with cute pictures or sayings on them.

N95 – is designed to keep contaminants AWAY from the wearer.  For example, when painting or sanding in a car paint booth… when installing ceiling insulation… etc.  It DOES NOT keep contaminants from exiting the mask into the surrounding air.  So, it’s pretty much useless unless you are the person trying to keep from contracting COVID-19 from those around you.

Surgical masks – designed to keep contaminants within the mask, for short periods of time (relatively… since, of course, some surgeries take a few hours to complete).  And are used to keep the surrounding air relatively sterile, as in an operating room.  The drawback is that as soon as you touch the outside of the mask with your hands (after touching anything outside of a sterile area), it becomes contaminated, and thus, pretty much useless.

Homemade cloth masks – think of how quickly you smell a fart after it is “dealt” by the “donor”.  Through at least 2 layers of cloth…  The smell is actually small particles of the solids that exit through the same bodily orifice.  So… cloth masks are COMPLETELY USELESS.

Personally, unless forced, I choose to not waste my time with useless measures that have precisely zero effect on the limiting of the spread of a disease with a 99.9% survivability rate.  I would probably choose to patronize another business, if a business told me I couldn’t enter theirs without a mask.

Here in Texas, there is a false narrative going around that there is a huge spike in COVID-19 cases because of the opening up of the state.  2/3rds or more of that number is attributable to expanded testing, and asymptomatic positives.  Consequently, some cities are mandating masks inside of businesses… a completely illegal and unconstitutional mandate.  What the numbers tell me is what many have already been saying all along, that a significantly large number of people were exposed to, and recovered from, the virus, even before the lockdown began.  And that the positive tests are an indication that we are, actually, getting closer and closer to achieving herd immunity.

So, I will not be wearing a mask anytime soon.

White Privilege? Never Existed!

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The only thing anyone needs to understand about “White Privilege” is that it does not now, nor has it ever, existed. Pure BS with a ton of crap on top! We have degenerated into a society of whiners who live in a state of perpetual grievance… and a state of perpetual division into demographics.

I will not EVER claim that I have any privilege from my race or ethnicity, because I’ve worked my ass off for everything I have and everything I’ve accomplished. What I haven’t been able to accomplish is no one else’s fault, and no one owes me anything, as a result.

That applies to every human being on this planet (plus the few that are up on the Intl Space Station, at the moment 😉).


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Sorry, but I don’t buy this BS “Blacked out Tuesday” thing. I’ve got to rant, just a little. I’ve vacillated a bit on whether to post this, but I’ve had enough of the crap we’ve been put through over the last week, in this country.

We need to stop being afraid of our own shadows and stop seeing racism in everything. That’s how these race baiting idiots win! I have never been racist, but I see racism in the constant drumbeat that everything that happens is because of racism. Nope, it’s not! Very little of what is being touted as racist, these days, has anything whatever to do with race.
I prefer to show solidarity with the FAMILY of George Floyd, not the RACE of George Floyd, other than that he was of the HUMAN RACE!

The death of George Floyd was not about race, it was about a corrupt cop and his cohorts taking the life of an innocent man. If you see it as a racially motivated incident, then you are not paying attention! The four MPD officers involved were 4 different races! Nope, it was entirely about 4 bad apples who overstepped their bounds! It’s also about a police department’s leadership, and that of the city of Minneapolis, or, more precisely, their complete lack of leadership, in allowing the kind of attitude that these officers displayed and their lack of adherence to protocol! This isn’t the first incident of this type… remember Justine Damond?



False Narratives Destroy Lives

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So, what we have witnessed unfold over the last week, since the death of George Floyd at the hands of a rogue cop, is being touted as a response to police systematically targeting blacks. This is a completely and demonstrably false narrative that has been consistently foisted on us by the professional race baiters and now with the organized help of Antifa and other similar organizations that hire “crisis actors” (actually professional rioters) to loot and destroy the very neighborhoods they purport to be “helping”.

The statistics do not come close to supporting the premise that more blacks are killed by police than any other group. There are actually significantly more whites and hispanics killed in officer involved incidents, in any given period, and many of those officers involved are black or hispanic themselves. And of those incidents almost all are justified, with very few being unarmed perpetrators, and even fewer being criminal acts by the officers.

People like to tout the multiple “unarmed black men” killed by cops as being many, over the last 10-20 years… naming roughly 7 incidents in recent history as being multiple. While, in the same period, many times more incidents involving white or hispanics can be cited.

So, what has culminated in the organized destruction of multiple cities over the last 7 or so nights, is all a based on a complete lie! And that lie has been repeated over and over by a criminally negligent, and often complicit, media. Anarchists have been waiting for an excuse to jump in and destabilize the country by destroying the economy and dividing our citizens. Antifa and other groups, with the financial backing of a man who is evil incarnate, George Soros, and others of his ilk, are infiltrating peaceful protests to turn them into violent riots.

It is no coincidence that these coordinated efforts always seem to happen every 4 years, just leading up to our presidential elections! And the abject hatred of President Donald Trump, that defies reason, otherwise known as Trump Derangement Syndrome, is as rabid and violent as any we’ve seen in recent history… actually significantly more so!

All of this starting as a result of what should NOT be characterized as about race, at all, but about a BAD COP who killed an INNOCENT MAN. There is no disagreement about how wrong and how criminal this officer’s actions were. But to characterize it as racial is, quite simply, wrong!

It wasn’t about race until you made it about race!

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You see “black man murdered by white cop”
I see “innocent man murdered by corrupt cop”
we are not the same.

I think we need to stop making the reprehensible act of a corrupt cop about racism. It was simply a bad cop that shouldn’t have ever been on the force. There are plenty of similar incidents that happen to ALL RACES at the hands of the very few bad cops that do exist, but are not indicative of the policies, procedures or ethics of the vast majority of law enforcement officers and departments around the country.

The minute the media narrative pushes the race card, the other race baiters out there jump on it and get their own narrative spin up teams going, and the true racists, like Antifa and BLM, mobilize their paid shock troops and bus them to the flash points, and take over the narrative, and start the violence and looting. Any truly peaceful protests, which there are plenty of, get drowned out and essentially nullified by these assholes whose only intent is to take advantage of the chaos to gain power.

So, no! It wasn’t about race until you made it about race!

Idiots rioting and the complete failure of leadership in Minneapolis

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The fact that a bad cop caused the death of a man in his custody is troubling. And he has been arrested and charged, from what I’ve heard, on 3rd degree murder and 2nd degree manslaughter charges.

What is even more troubling, though, is that there are people in Minneapolis who think rioting and looting is in any way acceptable, and will do anything whatsoever to address the issues that allowed this kind of thuggish behavior to continue in the Minneapolis Police Department.

Minneapolis has poor leadership at every level. Minnesota has an idiot for a Governor, an Islamist as Attorney General, Minneapolis has a moron as a mayor, and the Minneapolis Police Department has a bunch of incompetent nitwits in their leadership hierarchy!

This isn’t the first failure in that leadership, but you won’t hear of the other major blunder… the shooting of an innocent Australian woman named Justine Damond by an ethnic Somali who was hired simply because of his minority status. This was despite multiple training failures and improper arrests made. He had no business on the force, and neither did Officer Chauvin, the moron that cause the death of George Floyd.

There is a nationwide epidemic of race baiting and excusing rioting as legitimate protest.  IT IS NEVER ACCEPTIBLE!  Those who are involved in the rioting are nothing more than common thugs and criminals, and ARE NOT protesters! What they are doing is setting things back in just about every way imaginable. Each one of these jackasses need to be arrested and jailed for their cowardly acts of vandalism and theft!

And finally, it is becoming increasingly clear that ALL of these so-called protests (actually riots) around the country are being fomented by and participated in by Antifa and other Soros funded groups, who are being flown in and bussed in from elsewhere, and are NOT the residents of these neighborhoods!

Good Cop, Bad Cop

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In the wake of the incident of apparent police brutality, or at least gross stupidity, that took place in Minneapolis, there are a couple of things that come to mind.

1) The majority of cops who are good, law abiding, oath following servants of their communities need to be better at calling out the bad apples, like the morons who apparently caused the death of someone in their custody, by either shaming them out of the service, or beating the snot out of them! It makes no sense to get to wrapped around the “brotherhood” if said brothers are betraying your trust.

What happens when the few bad cops that are out there are not weeded out, is that the job of the average cop is made all the harder, because the result is loss of trust and respect from the people they purport to “serve and protect”.

2) For those who are stopped and/or questioned by the police, THERE IS NO REASON TO COP AN ATTITUDE! Be respectful, and cooperative, and most of the time the encounter will be overall positive.

The idiots who hate all police, simply because of the actions of a small, imperceptible percentage (i.e. so few as to constitute .01% or less) of cops who are bad, are not helping anyone, much less themselves, by that kind of brain dead attitude.

You watch these cop shows and see just how many of these morons end up talking themselves into jail, rather than a simple ticket, simply because they cop an attitude and feel like the cops are “out to get them”. Most cops aren’t thinking that way. Again, it’s a very tiny percentage of law enforcement officers, nationwide, that have any kind of agenda outside simple law enforcement and being of help to whoever is in need of it.

What happened in Minnesota is disgusting and uncalled for, both by the police officers involved, and by the community who are, last I knew, rioting. THERE IS NEVER ANY JUSTIFICATION FOR RIOTING!!! These officers will hopefully get the deserved justice corresponding to their actions, which should be severe! But to tear up the city, and/or attack the officers and their families is NEVER the right thing to do!

The Man Who Cried “Wolf”

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One of the most damaging effects that will come from the idiotic fiasco that this useless lockdown has become will be the fact that, in the future, NO ONE will believe it when they’re told there’s a “pandemic” coming, ever again!

As the days go on, we are finding out that this whole lockdown has had no effect, one way or another, on the spread of this 99.9% survivable virus! The “flattening the curve” narrative did nothing more than prolong the course of the disease by not allowing the effect of “herd immunity” to naturally happen, as it has in EVERY OTHER recent “pandemic”. There was a big flu epidemic going on during Woodstock, and millions died worldwide.  NOT A PEEP.  And that’s because similar diseases happen EVERY year during flu season, with varying numbers of deaths resulting.

THE ONLY REASON FOR THIS LOCKDOWN IS… wait for it… IT’S AN ELECTION YEAR!  The left has seen an opportunity to manipulate the narrative, while simultaneously destroying the best economy we’ve had in decades, and blaming everything on the current president’s administration.  Those of us with the ability to think critically know otherwise.

So if, and it’s a really doubtful if, a real pandemic worth worrying about ever comes in the future, I doubt that anyone will take it seriously, after the complete farce that we’ve all just been dragged through by 2 “doctors” whose dire models of millions of deaths have proven to be completely wrong!

Masks? No thanks!

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It is becoming more and more evident, and actually, it has been this way all along, that masks don’t do diddly squat to prevent contracting or prevent the spread of COVID-19. Yet the “medical” talking heads, namely Drs Fauci and Birx, can’t seem to stop themselves and others from recommending something that is medically more harmful than helpful in this situation.

I have spent the entire length of this so-called pandemic maskless and gloveless, although I do wash my hands regularly (and did before this whole BS thing came about). And I will not wear a mask going forward, either.

The truth of the matter is that most people in this country haven’t bought into the hysterical rantings of the media and the lefties in the government. We are NOT headed into the apocalypse, and the deaths from COVID are NOT more than any other reason. In fact, more people die from heart disease in a given year than from COVID. More die in car accidents, suicides, cancer, diabetes, and any number of other diseases. So we have somehow been duped into believing that closing down the country, destroying our economy, and wearing cloth masks are necessary, even though we’ve never EVER done ANYTHING close to that for ANY OTHER pandemic, many of which were significantly worse!

I’m also sick of people telling me that, because I am a Christian, that I must wear a mask to make others comfortable. That, my friends, is called living a lie. There are things that I don’t do, even though I don’t believe them to be wrong, because of what we often call the “weaker brother” principle, but that is not the same thing as doing something useless and harmful, simply because a “weaker brother” thinks I should do it.

I don’t live out my faith that way, and I never will. So don’t expect me to post my mask face picture on social media any time soon… or ever! Not gonna do it… wouldn’t be prudent… at this juncture… :).

We’re “solving” the wrong problem!

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Dean L. Gano

Long read but worth it!!!
Eight Lessons Learned (So Far)
From the COVID-19 Economic Shutdown
1. We solved the wrong problem.
2. Never listen to an epidemiologist again.
3. The “Scientific” Models Suck.
4. Groupthink will kill more people than the virus, so don’t let it suck you in.
5. Follow the science not the politicians or fake news media.
6. Change our laws to prevent any leader from ever trampling our liberties again.
7. Make all critical medicines and medical supplies in America.
8. Teach effective problem-solving skills in our schools.

1. We solved the wrong problem
The problem was defined by epidemiologists from the CDC, WHO, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, NIAID Director as a pandemic that would kill millions of people and overload our healthcare facilities resulting in more uncontrolled deaths and chaos. So, to prevent that from happening our politicians listened to these trusted experts called epidemiologists.
Epidemiologists are public health professionals who investigate patterns and causes of disease and injury in humans. They seek to reduce the risk and occurrence of negative health outcomes through research, community education and health policy. When presented with an epidemic their go to solution is to prevent the spread so as to minimize the number of cases and hence deaths. Note, they are focused on preventing the spread, not death, or civil liberties or the economy. The tools they use to estimate the spread are called mathematical epidemiology, statistical models, dynamical models, agent-based models, machine learning models. For more details see this National Institute of Health paper:
Once these scientists study the problem, they make recommendations to the politicians for any actions. It is the politician’s job to assess the validity and significance of the problem and act accordingly. And here in lies the fatal error most governors and President Trump made. These leaders apparently did not ask what the true significance of this problem was and how effective the models are, so let’s do that:
Significance Not Defined:
On March 5, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) told the world that the significance of this problem was a 3.4% death rate of those infected. Based on what the epidemiologists knew of the infection rate in the general population, that would mean about 2.2 million people in the United States would die. But, as we have learned, we cannot trust the WHO. So, what is the basis of their number? Could we do better?
One way to find out, would have been to study the only controlled infection case we knew of at the time – the Diamond Princess Cruise ship that was quarantined in Japan in February and March, 2020, where the death rate was only 1.3% of those infected, not 3.4% – but that is still 850,000 people in the US that would die. But is the cruise ship representative of the general population? NO, but we can still learn from it. The people were generally older than the average U.S. population, and they were, in effect, all living in the same house, but let’s look a little closer.
Among 3,711 Diamond Princess passengers and crew, 712 (19.2%) had positive test results for SARS-CoV-2 (Figure 1). Of these, 331 (46.5%) were asymptomatic at the time of testing. Among 381 symptomatic patients, 37 (9.7%) required intensive care, and nine (1.3%) died.
The above statement and Figure are provided by the WHO. Notice the death rate they give is for the number of people who contracted the virus, not the entire population of the ship. If we divide 9 deaths by 3,711 passenger/crew, we get a death rate for the entire population of 0.24%, or one in 412 people died. And over 98% of the people on this ship had no or minor symptoms. Does that sound like a problem we should shut down the economy over?
But let’s look a little closer at the cruise ship event. A cruise ship is like a home, where everyone in it is eating, socializing, and most importantly touching the same surfaces and breathing the same air. Unlike most of our communities where people live in their own houses and do not touch the same surfaces or breath the same air as their neighbors, except when they leave occasionally to go out for food, medicine, entertainment, etc. This is especially true in rural communities, but not so much for large cities like NYC and Seattle, where the number of infected people are highest. So, if this disease only severely affected 2% of the people on the cruise ship, it would be much less in the general population where only 21% of the population is over 55 years old compared to probably 90% of the cruise ship guests. Given these conditions, the number of people that would be affected in the general population would be much less than the 2%, and which has come true today.
Note: This information was known by all the epidemiologists in the world in late February, almost a month before the Governors started shutting down the economy, so why didn’t they know or acknowledge it?
Before any decisions should have be made on how to respond to this pandemic, the politicians should have asked how does the estimated number of deaths compare to other causes we accept as normal. This would have given them and us a relative significance on which to make a decision to proceed. If they would have asked, they would have found the following:
According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), about 0.86% of the US population died from ALL causes in 2019, which is about 2,800,000 deaths. If the Wuhan corona virus kills 200,000 people in the US in 2020 as suggested by Dr. Anthony Fauci that would be a 7% increase in the total number of deaths from all causes. This provides some perspective of the significance, but let’s see how it compares to other causes of death in the United States:
Drug Overdose
Unintended Injuries
Falls of people over 65
Total deaths/year
The total number of ALL deaths per year means one person in every 116 people die each year from “acceptable causes,” meaning causes that do not require us to cease living our lives, violate our fundamental liberties, and destroy our economy. As a point of reference, New York State, the hardest hit state in the union, is projected to have about one death from COVID-19 for every 850 people. That’s seven times less than what society seems to accept as normal.
If our chief epidemiologist Dr. Fauci had been right about the 200,000 deaths, which he is not, this problem would be the same significance as the number of old people who fall down and die each year. And, also note the similarity to this virus, in that it’s not the fall that kills them, it is some other pre-existing condition that the fall exacerbates.
So, the data was available in February to determine the significance of this new threat, but apparently no one even looked at it – WHY? Should we destroy the best economy this country has ever seen to prevent killing another 200,000 people? Not 2.2 million as the WHO predicted, but 200,000 and obviously much less? Or given current projections, about the same as the number of Drug Overdoses from last year. That’s 1 in 5000 people versus 1 in 116 for all causes of death, or 43 times less than what is acceptable to society today.
As we can see from this analysis so far, because our government leaders did not adequately define the problem and its significance. They came up with the wrong solution because they focused on the wrong cause. Was it Groupthink or incompetence or what? Let’s take another look, because there is much more to their ineffective thinking…..

2. Never listen to an epidemiologist again
Let’s look more closely at the logic behind this disastrous decision. The solution that was defined by Dr. Fauci and other epidemiologists was to stop the spread of the disease and by doing so reduce the number of deaths. Their focus has always been on stopping the spread, not stopping death!
What if they had focused on stopping the deaths instead? Of course, that is not what epidemiologist do, but it is what the politicians should have focused on. In fact, President Trump has tried several times to suggest we use various drugs to treat this disease, only to be poo-pooed by the main stream media, Democrats, and other Trump haters. He even made sure there were 35 – 40 million doses of Hydroxychloroquine available to the medical community and asked the drug companies to make more. So, who was right? In a recent global survey of physicians, President Trump has been proven right because they reported Hydroxychloroquine as the most effective treatment for COVID-19.
Had these government officials been a little more inquisitive, they might have asked a few more questions, like the following:

  • Why are there so few deaths in countries where they have a problem with malaria?
    For Example:
    Deaths from CV19
    1 in 1.5 million
    1 in 1.3 million
    1 in 4 million
    Hong Kong
    1 in 1.9 million
    1 in 200,000
    1 in 5.1 million
    Possible Answer: Many people in these countries take Hydroxychloroquine to prevent malaria – they have been doing this for decades without any side-effects; it’s part of daily life and no one gives it a second thought. Also, very few people in these countries are obese, versus 40% in the US. And obesity is the number one comorbidity cause for COVID-19 deaths in the US.
    News Flash: Another report from the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, said that the total number of reported COVID-19 patients treated with Hydroxychloroquine was 2,333. Of these, 2,137 or 91.6% improved clinically. Of the 63 deaths, 52 were severely ill before getting the virus.
  • Why are half of those infected asymptomatic?
    Once they discovered this fact from the Princess Cruise Ship in February, why didn’t someone start asking why? Do they have some natural immunity? What is it? Can we learn something more about the causes of transmission by understanding the answer to this question? Fortunately, some people did ask this question, but no one in government did – why not? The one report I found answering this question stated that those who were asymptomatic had high levels of zinc in their blood serum, but why didn’t the “experts” ask this question and get a definitive answer? By understanding the causes of this natural immunity, we could provide a simple solution for everyone on the planet.
    All inflammatory and immunosuppressive diseases result from or are caused by Zinc deficiencies. Zinc is critical to over 300 enzymatic regulatory functions in the body.
    Given this knowledge about zinc, wouldn’t a good solution be to help the immune system work better by giving it some Zinc? The Best Offense is a Good Defense, right? Well, that is what some clinicians have done, and it is working.
    Dr. Vladimir Zelenko of New York treated 699 coronavirus patients with 100% success using Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate, Zinc and Z-Pak (aka Zithromax). For details read this report:…/dr-vladimir-zelenko-now-treated…/
    “Hydroxychloroquine is a game changer and the beginning of the end of the coronavirus pandemic,” Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Stephen Smith says. See article below:…/hydroxychloroquine-game-changer…/
  • Were the people that have died so far given the Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, Z-Pak treatment?
    I can’t find an answer to this question but if governors, like the one in Arizona are limiting use of hydroxychloroquine and my own doctor is reluctant to use it, we have a significant lack of knowledge going on here.
    Furthermore, if some people are too afraid to go to the hospital and then go after they get really sick (which I think happens more often than not), did they receive Remdesivir , Pyrithione, or any of the other antiviral drugs that seem to work to stop the virus in its tracks within hours?
    If people died because they did not get those treatments, then our medical community is remise. If they did get these treatments and they still died, was it because the pre-existing conditions were in the process of killing them anyway and the virus just sped up the inevitable? If it is the later, as it was in 83% of the deaths in the AAPS Report, then the deaths should not be primarily attributed to COVID-19; rather the pre-existing condition. Given this inappropriate counting, the official general-population death rate should be significantly reduced.
    A major issue behind the scenes is that most drug companies don’t recognize the significance of zinc but stress the importance of the drug carrier of the zinc because they can’t make money on a natural food component. Hydroxychloroquine, Remdesivir, and Pyrithione are drugs which transport zinc as the curative agent. President Trump did mention Zinc as part of the hydroxychloroquine solution but the news media and follow-up medical reports don’t report or recognize the significance of zinc as the curative agent and instead focus on the drug carriers of zinc. Remdesivir is currently being promoted as a potential cure but zinc is the actual curative agent and the drug ionophore is being sold as the curative agent. More on this in the next questions that should have been asked.
    Also, a good friend of mine, E.J. Ledet, who is a retired Bio-chemist, asks the following two questions:
  • What is it about Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir that makes it work so well?
    Because both are ionophores, meaning they act as an agent to help bond molecules together. In 2010, a collaboration of university-based researchers in The Netherlands and the USA produced an NIH Report showing that the combination of the trace mineral zinc plus a zinc transport molecule called an ionophore facilitates zinc’s entry into cells and efficiently impairs the replication of RNA viruses, like the newly mutated COVID-19 coronavirus.
    It appears that Hydroxychloroquine and Remdesivir work by helping the natural zinc in our bodies stop the COVID-19 and other corona viruses from replicating inside infected patient’s cells. We also know that many naturally occurring ionophores, like quercetin, resveratrol, ECGC, and other polyphenol flavonoids which occur in fruits, vegetables, dark chocolate, red wine, green/black teas can do the same thing.
    But wait a minute, if I can buy zinc and quercetin supplements over the counter or just eat healthy foods like oysters and crab meat along with some fruit and dark chocolate, why would I need these drugs? Oh, because the drug manufacturers don’t want you to know about this, because it would shut down their huge vaccine producing machine that they make billions of dollars from. Remember, these simple products (zinc & flavonoids) facilitate hundreds of enzymatic reactions in our body that prevent many viruses, including the common cold virus from replicating in our cells. And, our scientist have known about this for more than 10 years.
    So, if you get nothing more out of this article, I hope you start taking zinc and bioflavonoid supplements, watch your weight, watch what you touch, wash your hands a lot, and get lots of sunshine.
  • Why aren’t we testing for blood serum zinc levels?
    Since the current COVID-19 testing methods have to be implemented and utilized in the field to determine if an individual has the virus and/or has been exposed to it and may have acquired immunity, why not develop a correlation between a simple blood serum, saliva, or feces Zinc test and these current RNA/antibody tests to determine if a person’s extracellular Zinc concentration can be a predictive indicator of survivability/mortality against COVID-19 and other inflammatory/immunosuppressive diseases?
    Once enough data from all these tests can be collected and correlation graph(s) generated, then a simple, quick field test can be implemented to derive sufficient, representative data the world needs to fight, contain, and defeat this pandemic and other correlated Zinc deficiency diseases.
    Mr. Ledet goes on to say: “Save lives and reopen our economy – Use blood serum zinc plus nature’s ionophores, the most cost effective and timely solution, to resolve the problem of a viral and economic pandemic.”
    So, just like the fake science of man-caused climate change, Dr. Fauci and his Epidemiologist friends have failed us miserably. Let’s look a little closer to see why they failed us so bad.

3. The “Scientific” Models Suck
By listening to the “experts” in epidemiology who used defective models to base economic decisions on, our politicians have made yet another huge blunder.
The models have been wrong every step of the way, but why? These so-called scientific models take a dataset and plot it on a graph and then try to define the shape of the graph with some kind of algorithm. For example: Regression models try to detect an outbreak from a time-series of epidemic-free periods by monitoring a statistic of reported infected cases, say y(t). An epidemic alert is raised when a certain threshold, say k, is surpassed, defined by ½y(t) – m½> k, (μ being the mean value of the time-series distribution) within some confidence interval (read as guess).
A basic regression model that was initially constructed to monitor the deaths from influenza based on the seasonal pattern of pneumonia and influenza deaths is presented here: y(t) = a + bt + å c cos q + å d sin q + e(t). Where θ is a linear function of time t and the coefficients are to be determined by a parameter identification technique. The cosine and sine terms are used to approximate (again, read as guess) cyclical seasonal patterns; e (t) is the noise (assuming that it is Gaussian distributed with mean zero and variance σ2) which is estimated (guess) from the time-series. The model was fitted using data from 108 U.S. cities for a 3-year period starting in September of 1955.
As you can see, this is very precise science, right? WRONG, it is guessing! And while this may be too technical for the average person (including me), that’s OK. The important thing to understand about these models is they do not reflect reality – they are just a mathematical equation that kind of represents how various parameters interact, based on someone’s observations. This is also the same kind of modeling that is done by the “man-caused climate change scientists” and none of thier models have ever been correct in predicting future climate.
Reality requires that you understand all the causes of any given phenomenon. So, if we ask why did someone die from COVID-19, we might start by answering that it was caused by suffocation which was caused by their lungs filling up with fluid, which was caused by COVID-19 virus attacking their lungs, which was caused by a lack of blood serum zinc, etc. But, it is more complicated than that. The principles of causation, which define reality require us to follow some very specific rules when asking why.
The principles of causation are as follows:

  • 1. Cause and effect are the same thing only viewed from a different point in time.
  • 2. Each effect must have at least two causes and they come in the form of actions and conditions.
  • 3. Causes and effects are part of an infinite continuum of causes.
  • 4. An effect only exists if its causes exist in the same space and time frame.
    Because every time we ask why we must get at least two causes, if we ask why again, we have four causes, and then eight, etc. See Figure 2 below for an illustration of this concept that defines reality.

Since our scientists have never been taught these fundamental principles, they do not use them and hence their work is suspect. Only by understanding the evidenced-based causal relationships can we have confidence in a model.
By not using a causal analysis, the models are defective at their core and should never be used to make public policy – especially a policy that kills our economy and robs us of our God given rights.
So why would these highly intelligent people do such a dumb thing? Because they are part of a huge scientific Groupthink that has never been taught the fundamental principles of causation. I know, because I taught these principles to tens of thousands of engineers and scientists all over the world for 30+ years and none of them knew about them. These are principles that have been around for thousands of years of human history, but have been ignored by our wonderful education system.
Figure 2: Infinite set of causes that defines reality

4. Groupthink will kill more people than the virus, so don’t let it suck you in
Nietzsche once said that ‘madness is the exception in individuals, but the norm in groups.’ The common condition of Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within any group of people in which the desire for harmony and conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome. The group discusses a topic, and over time, a consensus in the form of a story or some dogma is born. It might be slightly modified as the narrative is created, but if anyone inside or outside the group challenges the agreed upon belief of the group, they are ridiculed and/or ostracized from the group. It doesn’t matter if evidenced-based facts are presented, if you don’t follow the dogma you can’t be part of the group. By our very nature, humans are social animals, so often times instead of thinking as an intelligent single-minded person, we are driven more by the need to be part of a group, than by thinking for ourselves. After all, thinking and arguing for something different than the norm is a lot of work and because the human mind is an economizing organ that does not like to waste energy breaking down existing longtime neural connections, we easily fall into this trap called Groupthink.
Today Groupthink is becoming much worse because of the fake news and the fanatical use of social media, where facts are not checked and the truth is based on whether the idea came from a trusted member of our group or someone else.
This phenomenon can be found in any group that we belong to, and is common in most, including the scientific community, political entities, fake news organizations, and the public at large who don’t question the fake news.
Consequently, we are being led by some psychopathic governor’s and others who are selling fear to an ignorant citizenry. And, as long as the public stays ignorant of the facts, the politicians will win this battle for our minds. As we will see in the next section, the Wuhan corona virus is narrowly focused on the sick and elderly and in a few high-density population areas like New York City where 31% of all US deaths have occurred so far. Don’t be part of the group, be part of the solution and get the facts.

5. Follow the Science not the politicians or fake news media
Every day we hear the politicians say we have to follow the science; the facts; what the experts say, etc.! And then they ignore them.
Well, the facts are in, as outlined in this article from The Hill, titled: The data is in – stop the panic and end the total isolation. In this recent article, Doctor Scott W. Atlas from Stanford University makes five evidenced-based scientific arguments for ending this nonsense (be sure to read this article):

The overwhelming majority of people do not have any significant risk of dying from COVID-19 – Current estimated fatality rate if infected is 0.1 to 0.2 %.

Protecting older, at-risk people eliminates hospital overcrowding – In NYC, 98% of those hospitalized were 75 years old or older.

Vital population immunity is prevented by the current total isolation policies, prolonging the problem – The fastest way to stop the spread of the virus is to let it be transmitted to the majority of the population who have minor or no symptoms Remember, in the Cruise ship case 98% of the people had little or no symptoms.

People are dying because other medical care is not getting done due to hypothetical projections. – The hospitals are going bankrupt because they have so few patients (see Table 1 below) and suicide has doubled in my county since the lockdown.

We have a clearly defined population at risk who can be protected with targeted measures – 99% of deaths had an underlying illness and 95% were 50 years or older, so why lock everyone else down?

Alabama 5%
Alaska 3%
Arizona 8%
Arkansas 2%
California 10%
Colorado 24%
Connecticut 100% bed shortage
Delaware 35%
Wash DC 36%
Florida 7%
Georgia 22%
Hawaii 2%
Idaho 6%
Illinois 21%
Indiana 15%
Iowa 6%
Kansas 3%
Kentucky 6%
Louisiana 31%
Maine 8%
Maryland 71%
Massachusetts 58%
Michigan 44%
Minnesota 13%
Mississippi 6%
Missouri 8%
Montana 2%
Nebraska 6%
Nevada 14%
New Hampshire 11%
New Jersey 17% bed shortage
New Mexico 12%
New York 53% bed shortage
North Carolina 9%
North Dakota 5%
Ohio 9%
Oklahoma 5%
Oregon 5%
Pennsylvania 27%
Rhode Island 61%
South Carolina 7%
South Dakota 0%
Tennessee 3%
Texas 4%
Utah 14%
Vermont 11%
Virginia 14%
Washington 19%
West Virginia 3%
Wisconsin 7%
Wyoming 5%

Table 1: Hospital Bed Usage in US on 4/28/20
In 27 states, 90% of their hospital beds are empty – totally contrary to what our governors said would happen. Only 3 states have a shortage and they are in the NYC metro area. Healthcare is a $3.6 trillion/year business, so what do you think this shutdown is going to do to it and the fallout effects on the rest of the economy? But more importantly, how many non-COVID patients are going to die because some governors have prevented them from getting needed care?
OK, since many facts are now known, why do the politicians and fake news media continue to push this fake narrative? The short answer is they love power and they know they can attain it by selling fear. Remember, many politician’s motto is “never pass up a good crisis.”
Politicians are mostly driven by ego, power, and greed and as such are more prone to obfuscate and need attention. Many psychological studies show that politicians are more likely to show psychopathic traits, and in one study, Psychopathy by U.S. State, Ryan H. Murphy, Professor at Southern Methodist University, found the occupations that were most disproportionately psychopathic were in this order: CEO, lawyer, media worker, salesperson, surgeon, journalist, police officer, clergyperson, chef, and civil servant. He also found that the highest concentration of psychopaths is in Washington, D.C., which has almost twice as many as the next state, Connecticut.
Since most politicians are lawyers and live in our seats of power, these findings are not too surprising. Lawyers are taught how to argue for or against a given point or idea. They learn how best to persuade the listeners using many tactics, like appeal to their sense of fear, or attack the premise of the argument, but they are not taught the principles of causation and in fact the law does not allow them to acknowledge these principles, so they are not taught in law school.
As you read through the list of occupations most prone to psychopathy you also find media workers and journalists. This helps explain why we have so much fake news today.
The top five traits of a psychopath are as follows:
1. Pathological lying – incapable of recognizing or telling the truth
2. Glib and superficial charm – an absence of self-consciousness
3. Grandiose sense of self – notice how many TV personalities talk about themselves?
4. Need for stimulation or prone to boredom
5. Cunning and manipulative – use of deceit to cheat or con for personal gain
Stop for a moment and think of a classic political figure or fake news reporter and ask if you see any of these traits in them?
Now ask; why do so many people believe them? Sad isn’t it? The answer is in lesson learned number 8.
Politicians also know they can’t lose because if they follow the non-causal models and the epidemiologists who use them, and they are wrong, and fewer people die, then they can say they did the right thing. But in the process, they have killed the economy and stolen our freedoms. Had they focused on better understanding the virus and preventing death (as discussed in our first lesson learned), they could have saved the economy and had even fewer deaths. So, what do we do in the future to prevent this insanity?

6. Change our laws to prevent any leader from trampling our liberties
Many Governors have enacted absolutely insane orders that have no connection to the problem at all. In my state of Washington, our brilliant Governor has determined it is OK to build government buildings, but not private ones. Or, that it is OK to take a boat out onto our beautiful lakes and rivers, but you can’t fish. You also can’t golf or hunt or go for a hike on state owned land, but federal BLM land is OK. In Michigan, the Governor won’t let you buy seeds or gather to protest this stupidity. All this while we know that the Wuhan corona virus can only live for a few minutes in direct sunlight.
Also, some governors have ordered the medical community not to give a patient Hydroxychloroquine Sulfate unless they have tested positive for COVID-19, but since the tests are not available in many places, some patients have died. To work, Hydroxychloroquine must be given in the early stages of the disease. The Governor’s say they are trying to prevent a shortage of the drug when there are 40 million pills available and the drug companies say there are another 50 million on their way.
The lawyers tell us that government can enact rules that violate our fundamental rights if it can be shown that in doing so, their order clearly outweighs our civil liberties. But that is not the case here. As can be seen from all the causal evidence provided above, the problem does not even come close to what is accepted as “normal deaths”, nor does it focus on the real problem of protecting the vulnerable.
So, the bottom line in all of this, is that we need to first and foremost not re-elect any government official who has been party to this insanity, be it Governor, Mayor, Councilman, or Judge. Second, we need to pressure our elected officials to write laws that prevent this from ever happening again. These laws should require that any action taken by our governments that restricts our God given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, to include our livelihood, cannot be infringed upon without an overwhelming show of evidenced-based causal relationships that clearly show us that to do otherwise would have grave consequences to our collective health and well-being.
Because our leaders have not focused on preventing death of the vulnerable, they have totally failed the citizenry. And as Heather Mac Donald points out in a compelling article about the consequences of these bad decisions titled: “The Deadly Costs of Extended Shutdown Orders.”, there will be hell to pay.
While many politicians have made disastrous decisions, we did not have the shortages of ventilators or hospital beds they predicted, but we did have shortages of PPE’s and other things. And as a result, it did makes us realize that if it had been as bad as they said it was going to be, we were woefully unprepared and we can’t let that ever happen again.

7. Make all critical medicines and healthcare supplies in America
This lesson is pretty obvious because we have seen how relying on China and others for so much of our medicines, even basic things like aspirin and cleaners, can have devastating effects when a pandemic occurs.

8. Teach effective problem-solving skills in our schools
At the core of this huge problem is the simple fact that we do not teach effective problem solving in our schools. Instead of immediately trying to understand all the causes of this threat, our scientists and political leaders did what they have always done: Tell stories, categorize the various causal factors, and then guess and vote on what to do. In the process they totally failed to deal with Reality, which as we learned in this article, requires understanding all the evidenced-based causal relationships that follow the principles of causation.

Had we ALL been taught how to effectively solve any event-based problem using these principles, the scientists would have better models, the politicians would have asked more questions, and us dumb citizens would have demanded better answers.
In the mean-time, since we know our government won’t protect us, make sure you take some zinc and bioflavonoid supplements, watch what you touch, wash your hands often and get lots of sunshine. These actions will not only stop many of the current pandemic deaths, they can prevent future ones by attacking all sorts of pathogens.
Dean L. Gano