Time to Open Up the Economy!

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It’s way past time for common sense to prevail in our current and unprecedented reaction to a virus.  Something that HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE.  We are “quarantining” healthy people, rather than those that are sick or in the at risk categories, such as those with underlying conditions like diabetes, heart disease, COPD, etc.

As this video will explain, this may have been a prudent precaution at the start of this unknown “novel coronavirus” (novel = new), but none of the dire predictions and models made by the academics (Dr Fauci chief among them) have come even close to the reality of the current situation!  The death rates, predicted to be 3 or 4%, are more like 0.05%, at the worst.  This is no worse, in terms of the death rate, than seasonal flu.

It’s never a good thing that a disease kills anyone.  But we live in the real world, where car accidents, suicides, heart attacks, and any number of other things kill exponentially more people than flu and COVID-19 combined!

It’s time to open up the economy and get back to work and school!  Obviously, there will still be “hot spots”, where things need to be considered to mitigate the spread.  But that still doesn’t mean quarantining healthy people, it means quarantining those who are at risk.

If there is anything that is patently obvious about all this, it’s that this HAS NEVER BEEN ABOUT HEALTH!  It is ENTIRELY ABOUT CONTROL!  The lefties realize that they haven’t got a prayer of defeating President Trump in November, so they are trying to destroy everything his administration has been able to accomplish by destroying the economy.  The media has been complicit in the hysterical doomsday narrative that IS PATENTLY FALSE!

So, let’s take care of the sick, and also take care of the country.  Not by hiding out at home, but by living normal lives, keeping up our immunities, and quarantining ONLY those who are sick and/or vulnerable.

If this video doesn’t convince you of that reality, you’re brain dead!



More musings on COVID-19 derangement syndrome

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While I know that you can’t necessarily believe everything on Facebook/Internet/Social Media…

There are increasing reports, or at least speculations, that the number of presumptive positives for COVID-19, most “infected” in the last couple of months of 2019, are 400 or more times as many as are being reported on the main stream propaganda channels, otherwise calling themselves “the media”.  The most interesting of these is a reported study done by Stanford University relating to California, specifically, where there are literally thousands or tens of thousands who were COVID-19 “infected” and either recovered or were asymptomatic.  The contention is that these people may have the antibodies to be potentially immune or, at least resistant, to the disease.

It doesn’t take much of a stretch in logical thinking to extrapolate that there are other areas of the country that have similar “herd immunity” potential, and that we had cases of this virus well before it became a “pandemic” and was used by lefties and socialists to shut down the best economy in decades, not only here in the US, but in many other parts of the world.

Bottom line…

THIS RIDICULOUS FARCE OF A SHUTDOWN NEEDS TO BE UNDONE… NOW!!  It’s at the point where it needs to be gradual and intentional.  By that I mean that the areas of the country, mostly referring to the non-urban areas (small towns, even some smaller cities, and, of course, ALL rural areas) could be completely opened up immediately and without conditions.  The major metropolitan areas, where population density dictates a more gradual return to “normal”, need to be taken case by case, based on REAL mortality/infection rates being low or gone.

My take is that while the big metropolitan areas MAY have benefitted from the “social distancing” nonsense, I don’t think it would have made ANY difference.  You’ll notice that the ONLY areas crying about this were ALL Democrat controlled areas.  They were also the least prepared and most knee-jerk in their reactions, and blamed everyone but themselves for the situation they were almost exclusively responsible for!

So now, we have morons like Gov. Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio flapping their lips on TV on a daily basis, telling complete lies about the situation… (Remember the warehouse full of ventilators not being used, while Cuomo cried he didn’t have enough?)… and blaming everything on President Trump.

And sleepy Joe Biden, who can’t even remember the year, much less the city or state he’s in, half the time, claims Trump isn’t doing anything, all the while saying that he would do EXACTLY WHAT TRUMP IS ACTUALLY DOING!!

At the risk of being labeled a conspiracy theorist, I believe there are way to many coincidental connections between the Wuhan Lab, the World Health Organization, the Obama Administration, Bill Gates, George Soros, and Joe Biden, for this all to be anything short of another coup attempt by the lefties who hate President Trump, and have done absolutely NOTHING except throw one thing after another at President Trump, in a completely undisguised attempt to remove a democratically elected sitting president!

Trump isn’t perfect, but he has been, and should continue to be, the single most effective and pro-American president since Ronald Reagan!


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I’m really baffled by people who continue to have an irrational hatred of President Trump. (aka Trump Derangement Syndrome) These are people who have similar views, on many issues, as I do.

Here’s the thing:

1) I’m pro-life… conception to natural death. President Trump has been the single most effective pro-life president in my life time!
2) I’m pro-American… meaning we want our country to prosper and to be a global leader. President Trump is the single most pro-American, both in word and in deed, president since Ronald Reagan!
3) I’m pro 2nd Amendment. President Trump has done more than any president in recent memory to protect our right to bear arms.
4) I’m pro-military… particularly with respect to our veterans, but also with respect to allowing commanders in the field to drive tactics and numbers. President Trump has done more to reform the VA than any president in recent memory, allows the commanders to do their jobs after giving them the objectives, and is actively trying to bring our troops home from the sandboxes, while still keeping the overall objectives in mind.

There are people that I know… I won’t name names… who are actively calling for President Trump’s resignation, based on manufactured outrage over doing his job… and doing it well… based on totally false narratives and information… and based on a visceral hatred of a man who, in my opinion, has been the single most effective president since Ronald Reagan, and who, in many ways, has been significantly more effective than President Reagan was.

I admit that I was not at all interested in Trump, when he first started his presidential run for 2016. I had only heard all the negative stuff about him, and his personality and bombast were not something that I gravitated towards. I still don’t particularly care for his way of communicating, but it actually is effective, because he speaks plainly and bluntly, and doesn’t beat around the bush, with how he views any particular situation. He doesn’t subscribe to the fallacy of political “correctness”, which is refreshing.

After he began laying out his policies, during the campaign, I began to realize that almost all of his policies were the same as those I supported. And since he was elected, he has held fast and followed through on most, if not all, of those policies. His most important achievements in policy are the rolling back of the idiotic, anti-business, anti-American, and anti-freedom policies of the Obama administration. All of this while being constantly pilloried by the left wing media (which accounts for most of the media) and by the insane rantings from left wing politicians, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer chief among them!

Despite the economic gut punch we have gotten from the COVID-19 pandemic, we were enjoying the best economic recovery and growth in generations, and it will continue, after this virus blows over.

I, for one, continue to support the Trump presidency, policies, administration, and his re-election in November! The candidates who are running against him are the most laughable bunch of clowns that have ever tried! They are socialists, and/or senile old farts, or flaming lunatics, all of whom should never be elected to ANY office ANYWHERE!

COVID-19 Hysteria

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While many may disagree with my take, I think we have tended to overblow the situation we find ourselves in with the COVID-19 infection crisis.  True to form, the main stream media have sensationalized everything about it.  They get incensed by it’s proper description as a Chinese Wuhan Virus (which is completely accurate) and call anyone using it a racist.  It’s no surprise that the term racism is once again improperly used.  Chinese is a nationality, not a race.

Many are comparing our response to that of China, S. Korea, Italy, and other places.  First of all, we have absolutely NO credible information as to just how China responded, other than to lie profusely… first by not reporting the outbreak for a couple of months, then by lying about total numbers of infected/deaths, etc.  South Korea did well by testing everyone and quarantining early.  That’s all well and good, as they are a fairly small country.  It’s just not something as quickly feasible in a large country like the US.  Italy can only bear comparison to China, because the infection was brought there directly from China in the form of the staff of the auto builders in N. Italy, who are largely owned by China.

I continue to be optimistic about the total length of our outbreak, here in the US.  I think it’s going to be significantly shorter than the media is predicting… likely over by late April, or early May, as the weather gets warmer and the measures in place, already, continue to mitigate the spread.

It still is a bit baffling that we shut the economy down for something that may have a .4% mortality rate, and a total infection rate much lower than the annual flu.  But then we don’t do the same for the flu that takes 1000 times more lives on an annual basis.  Rumor also has it, that there have been some cases of deaths from respiratory illnesses that were not associated with COVID-19, whose death certificates were amended to show COVID-19 as the cause, which inflates the numbers.  No, I don’t have any corroboration, but it’s still worrisome!

As this election year continues, the media is continuing to be complicit with the left in trying to create a narrative that impugns President Trump in any way they can.  However, that seems to be backfiring, as his approval rating on handling this crisis is roughly 60%, now, which is incredibly high for our current political climate.  He has some amazing people assembled as his advisors and point people on this crisis.  Dr Fauci and Dr Birx are experts with amazing experience, and are very articulate.  I take their recommendations and predictions seriously.

Scandal free?

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I have read more and more deluded posts on social media about how the Obama administration was 8 years of no scandals.  Ummm…. nope.

  1. How about “Fast and Furious”.  Selling guns to cartels in Mexico.
  2. How about leaving an ambassador to die, along with 3 other brave Americans, in Benghazi.
  3. How about pallets of cash sent to Iran in the dead of night, in payment of a bribe to get the signature of Iran on an agreement that was supposed to keep them from getting nukes, and in actuality had no teeth, no consequences, and no concessions on the part of Iran.
  4. How about the fact, as will come out in technicolor over the next months, that the only “Russian collusion” was, in fact, by the Obama administration and the Democrat party.

There are numerous other examples of the total malfeasance and complete incompetence of the Obama administration!  I am of the opinion that Barack Obama was the single worst president in US history, which gives Jimmy Carter some relief, and that his damage to our nation and its standing in the world has been all but irreparably damaged as a result.

The last three years of the Trump administration, by actions taken in reducing burdensome regulations on small business, tax cuts, and a foreign policy that operates from a position of strength, have gone a long way to reverse the damage.  But there is more to accomplish, and, quite frankly, there is no reason to switch horses midstream.  If one of the incompetent boobs running for the Democratic presidential nomination actually wins the election, in November, our country will be taken back into the whirlpool of leftist, socialist, anti-growth, and anti-American policies that may not be recoverable from!

Trump/Pence 2020!  KAG!

Redefining Words

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I’m noticing, more and more, that there are many commonly used terms that are being redefined, by the left, to mean something completely different from the true definitions.

  1. Racism – Most of us define racism as: a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human racial groups determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to dominate others or that a particular racial group is inferior to the others.  The left now uses the term to describe disagreement with their agenda.
  2. Illegal Alien – a foreigner who has entered or resides in a country unlawfully or without the country’s authorization. According to the left, those that should be defined by that term are simply called undocumented immigrants, and, to several of the current Democrats running for the nomination for President, they should be called de facto citizens!
  3. Truth – conformity with fact or reality; verity.  To the left, it means anything that they say.
  4. Patriotism – devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country; national loyalty.  To the left it means hatred for one’s country.

(all definitions retrieved from Dictionary.com)

There are so many more “redefinitions” out there, but these are some of the most disturbing.  But, to quote a recent political candidate, “You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig”.  There is no room for agenda driven redefinition of core principles or values, but to so many with leftist ideologies, the agenda is more important that truth or reality.

The Irresponsible Waste of Taxpayer Money Otherwise Known as Impeachment

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The collection of Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers, otherwise referred to as the Democratic Party, have dragged our country through several months of idiotic rantings based on hearsay and conjecture, and totally partisan hatred, otherwise referred to as an Impeachment trial.

First and foremost, the beginning premise, that the President somehow was bribing a foreign government to help him in the 2020 election, is completely false.

  1. It is normal for foreign aid to be delayed until all the checks are in the boxes as far as vetting what and who the aid is benefiting.
  2. The aid was not delayed any more than any of the other aid packages sent around the world during the same timeframe.
  3. None of the so-called quid pro quo elements were ever done by the supposed victim of said q-p-q.
  4. The foreign policy of the country is 100% the prerogative of the administration, NOT the congress.  That’s why the SecState is appointed by the president in power.  The only input that Congress has, is “advice and consent” in the confirmation process of any cabinet member.

Secondly, how is it abuse of power to exercise the prerogatives enumerated in the Constitution to the Executive Branch (otherwise referred to as THE PRESIDENT)?  When we vote for a president, we vote for his policies, all of his policies, including the implementation of HIS foreign policy.

Bottom line… what we just went through is entirely about a bunch of sore losers, who as much as stated that they can’t trust the American people to choose a president, trying to overturn an election.  It is entirely about trying to seize power from the people, and to control every aspect of our lives… otherwise referred to as Socialism, or, in other words, Communism.


Taking Offense vs Free Speech

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In the current climate of taking offense at every little word or perception or belief, I think it’s time for us to stop worrying about what others may or may not think of us, and get on with life.  Yes, there is such a thing as courtesy and manners, but when it really comes down to it, if you are so insecure to think that what I may say (or seem to say) about you, or appear to think about you, makes a hill of beans of difference, then you need to rethink it.

There are a number of things to remember, in all this:

  1. We have the freedom to speak our minds (1st Amendment), but there’s no benefit in being mindless in how you speak.
  2. The above right is NOT granted by government, it is what’s known as a natural right, granted to all.
  3. Just because you are offended by what I say, does not give you the right to take away a natural right… and let’s be honest, the current climate is about obscure groups trying to make everyone accept and “affirm” their perverted beliefs and/or lifestyles.
  4. It is not acceptable for ANYONE on ANY side of an argument to curtail the right of others in preference to their own.  i.e. You cannot tell me that I can’t say or believe that certain lifestyles or activities, which are named as sins in the Bible, are morally wrong.  I, also, cannot tell you that you cannot think or do what your conscience allows, other than those things that break constitutionally passed laws.

What has happened, gradually, over the last few decades, is that our moral compass has gradually gone away from the Judeo-Christian ethic on which our country was founded, to an increasingly amoral culture that seeks to make everything legal and nothing sacred.  Every obscure and twisted “lifestyle” or “orientation” is being pushed as normal, and the traditional family is being attacked as “hateful”.  Our education system has gone from teaching reading, writing, and arithmetic, to indoctrination toward aberrant lifestyles and political systems, and teach WHAT to “learn” rather than HOW to learn.  Universities are turning out leftist talking point spewing ideologues who have no ability to think critically.

The election of President Trump was a reaction to this decay in our culture… and this must continue.  If the current crop of ideological far left morons gets into power, our country and culture of individual freedom will be gone in a very short time.  President Trump has presided over some great positive steps in reclaiming some of what has been gradually taken from us, including rolling back regulations that crippled small businesses, lowering taxes on all of us, and reclaiming our respect around the world that was lost during President Obama’s “apology tour” and irresponsible foreign policy.  It is absolutely critical that we reelect Donald Trump to finish what he has started, and that we on the conservative side of politics take back control of Congress, by increasing our majority in the Senate, and taking back the majority in the House.

“Gun Free Zones” don’t work!

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I’ve read, recently, that it was then President Jimmy Carter who began the farce of a policy that is the mythical “gun free zone”. Anyone with a couple of brain cells to rub together should be able to see what a fallacy this is. As was reportedly stated in the El Paso shooter’s alleged manifesto, these people search out places where there will be no one to fight back, and that translates into going to the gun free zones.

It is inarguable that the best way to counter a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun! You don’t hear a lot about these guys, because, when a potential mass shooting is thwarted by a good guy with a gun, it doesn’t make the news, because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

Bottom line: GUN FREE ZONES DO NOT WORK. The vast majority of “mass shooting” events in the last 20 or so years have taken place IN GUN FREE ZONES!

It is also a false narrative that the US has more mass shootings than anywhere else in the world. Nope… we are actually close to the bottom of that list. And, also, counter to the media’s pet narrative, these types of shootings are declining in number over the last 10 years or so.

I am sick of hearing how President Trump is responsible for the “tone” or the “rhetoric of hate”. Not even close! Again… DISAGREEMENT IS NOT HATE!!! I don’t think there can be any direct correlation to any presidents words, to the depraved mindsets that these shooters had to have to do what they did. But the current climate of groups like Antifa and others of their ilk (including any of the white supremacist morons) is not a Republican construct. Remember Ferguson? President Obama accused police of racially motivated actions when none existed, which gave rise to rioting, looting and lawlessness, which, to this day, have never been condemned by Obama or any of his minions. The current climate of hatred toward police can be traced from this irresponsible statement, as well.

Stupidity when pulled over or questioned by Police officers

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I’ve been enjoying the new show on A&E called “Live PD” and it’s recent spinoff, “Live Rescue” over the last year or so. I’ve also been amazed at the abject stupidity of those pulled over for a number of reasons.

Here’s the thing… if you don’t want to get arrested, DON’T BREAK THE LAW! Are there actually people who think it’s OK to drive without a license and/or insurance? Are there people who think they can get away from cops who have dogs, helicopters and radios? Are there people stupid enough to think that anyone believes you when drugs, etc, are found IN YOUR CAR or ON YOUR PERSON, and you say, “That ain’t mine”… ?

If you want to live a normal life, going about your daily, lawful business and errands, then you need to be aware of how you come across to a police officer. First, speak respectfully, as you would like to be spoken to, yourself. Don’t make sudden moves, and don’t try to hide anything. Keep your hands visible AT ALL TIMES. If you need to reach for your wallet or go into the glove compartment to find your license/registration/insurance documents, tell the officer what you’re doing, and do it slowly. Stay in your vehicle until asked to exit by the officer.

It is the law in every state, as far as I know, to tell the officer that you are carrying a weapon, and provide your CCW credentials, if you’re in a state that requires CCW to carry. And this must be done as soon as the officer comes to your door. Don’t pull it out, let the officer tell you how and whether to secure the weapon for his/her safety.

Law Enforcement Officers have a difficult, very stressful job. And that job has been made more difficult by the false narrative that they are out to shoot people of any particular demographic or ethnicity. Of the thousands of cops, nationwide, there are very few (I’ve heard statistics of less than 1% or a fraction of that) “bad” cops. They are all human, and all have bad days. But the professionalism and restraint shown by 99.9% of officers is unassailable! That there are people who actually advocate the targeting and killing of police officers is disturbing, and a big indication of how low our sense of morality and right vs wrong has sunk.

No scandals?

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I have been literally dumbfounded by the contention that the Obama administration was scandal-free! Not even close to reality!

Remember Benghazi?
Remember Fast and Furious?
Remember SecState Hillary Clinton using a private server?
Remember the pallets of cash given to Iran in the middle of the night?

These are just a few of the bona fide scandals that characterized the disastrous Obama administration. President Obama has earned the distinction of being the single worst president in the history of this country! His entire tenure was one of bad mouthing America, and denying American exceptionalism.

Thankfully, the last 2 1/2 years have seen record recovery from the disastrous policies of Obama’s failed presidency, resulting from the termination of those policies.

Undocumented? Nope. Illegal.

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I am heartily tired of the ludicrous idea that we should be calling the law breaking act of crossing the border illegally “undocumented”. First of all, you can be absolutely sure that there is lots of documentation of the illegal act. Secondly, the only reason that liberals want to change the terminology, is to make it seem less wrong.

Bottom line, you cross the border without authorization, and/or anywhere other than a border crossing post, YOU HAVE BROKEN THE LAW, and thus, YOU ARE ILLEGAL.

There are differing opinions as to whether that makes you a criminal… mine is that breaking the law equals a criminal act. PERIOD.

Wildlife conservation, trophy hunting, and poaching

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I am getting a bit tired of seeing posts that disparage trophy hunting as negative to the overall goal of sensible and sustainable wildlife conservation, while ignoring the main cause of endangerment of those same animals… POACHING!!

In terms of percentage alone, it is arguable that trophy hunting kills barely register on the spectrum when compared to the scourge of poaching, worldwide. Add to that, the fact that these trophy hunts provide revenue to a number of entities… the professional hunter and staff… the local economy by virtue of the stays in local resorts, patronage of restaurants, stores, etc… and to the wildlife conservation efforts through fees paid for the hunt.

Poaching, on the other hand, provides no fees, no resort stays, and virtually no economic effect to the local community, and depletes the wildlife quickly, often with significant waste. The money in poaching is made overseas in the black markets of the far east, where those who buy the ivory, pelts, rhino horns, etc. have no idea that an animal dies to get those things, and the poachers don’t care how many they take, and how it affects the local ecosystem. Poaching flourishes when governments and conservation groups seek to ban controlled, licensed hunting, and, in many cases, where those governments are complicit in the poaching… a sad fact in much of Africa where tin-pot dictators hold absolute power, or where the people don’t get involved in changing.

So, NO, I don’t think trophy hunting needs to stop. I don’t, personally, wish to trophy hunt… I prefer only to hunt for the meat… but that doesn’t make it wrong or counter to my interest in wildlife conservation. The US and Canada have done well with the integration of licensed hunting with wildlife conservation, and many other countries around the world have done well with similar models.

The Midterms

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What the heck is wrong with people??? When loonie lefties like the deranged governor of Oregon are re-elected… and other leftie loons like Gavin Newsome are elected to Governorships (CA in his case)… and anti-semitics are elected to state and federal offices in Minnesota… and completely brain dead so-called economists win an election in New York (the “Valley Girl” Ocasio-Cortez)… and, probably worst of all, a corrupt criminal like Menendez is re-elected in New Jersey… it makes you wonder a few things.

1) Does the average American voter really have the slightest idea of the history of the Democratic Party and its sordid history of defending slavery and racism (KKK anyone?).

2) Does the average American voter really know what a total failure Socialism is?

3) How widespread is the voter fraud in the states that don’t require Voter ID?

4) What happened to the idea of American exceptionalism, and patriotism?

It has been proven time and time again that a strong America is the best possible situation for the World and peace. We are the only country to consistently champion the idea of individual freedom and representative government, and back it up with action.

One of the takeaways from the results, last night, is that people voted for two things. 1) On the Republican side, the candidates that supported President Trump’s agenda and had records to back it up, were successful in their candidacies. Those who distanced themselves from Trump, lost. Also, the number of true conservatives was increased, and several mushy “RINO’s” were replaced (Corker, Flake, and others who retired). 2) With one or two exceptions, the Democrats who were successful were either bona fide moderates or talked a good line about being moderates. The furthest left candidates like O’Rourke and the lady running for Georgia governor were not successful.

I am heartened by the increased conservative majority in the Senate, which is crucial to keeping the Supreme Court constitutional, and also by the smaller margin of the change of control of the House than historically happens in a midterm election against the incumbent administration.

I think the best takeaway is that 2 years from now, Trump/Pence have an increased chance of re-election because the House will prove just how ineffective and worthless the Democrats currently in office are. It will descend into a morass of frivolous investigations into made up perceived offenses by the Trump administration. That’s only going to help the Conservative argument.

Motorhome Woes and Triumphs

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As many of you know, my motorhome made it 3400 miles of my 3600 mile vacation trip in July and August to the Northwest and back. It spent exactly 68 days at a truck shop just outside of Clovis, NM, with a blown power steering hose (deep in the guts where it is virtually impossible to get at).

So… eventually, the shop manager got some good information on how to run new hoses in a more accessible manner, and in a way that didn’t compromise safety. New chassis batteries were installed. Then… when they went to “start ‘er up”, found an issue with a fuel pressure/temperature sensor. Another 2 weeks to get the right parts and install them… et voila! Drove it home with no issues.

However… comma… in the meantime, my already questionable house batteries pretty much crapped out… and, to add insult to injury, the transfer switch in my inverter/charger stopped working. So… no AC power. So, I have a replacement inverter/charger ordered… but have had some issues with shipping addresses, etc. I also replaced the house batteries with good solid Interstate deep cycle batteries.

So… this morning I decided it was time to figure a workaround, however temporary, for getting AC power in the coach. I decided to hard wire the “shore power” directly to the AC breaker box inside the coach, bypassing the inverter system. I also kept the inverter system powered, since it still performs its battery charging function. So now I’m back in business.

The Circus in the Senate this week

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I have been totally disgusted with the complete circus that has characterized the Senate “hearing” in the case of the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Completely uncorroborated accusations from 35 plus years ago, where the accuser cannot remember place, time, or even who was there, other than saying she is “100%” sure that one of the perpetrators was a 17 year old Kavanaugh… accusations that have been denied by the others named as “witnesses”, and by Kavanaugh himself.

They keep calling for FBI investigation. No, the FBI doesn’t have jurisdiction as this supposed assault was not a federal crime. And, Judge Kavanaugh has undergone a number of FBI led background checks for his previous federal judge appointments. None of these allegations were ever brought up at any other time.

It is patently obvious that this whole fiasco has nothing whatsoever to do with finding out truth, and is merely a political stunt by the left to delay confirmation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, short term to prevent him from joining the new court season on October 1, and long term, hoping that the ridiculous “blue wave” will result in the Democrats taking control of the Senate, and then to vote against confirming an eminently qualified judge to the top court in the country. They don’t like the fact that he is a Constitutionalist, and that his confirmation will ensure that the Supreme Court is a Constitutionalist court for many years to come… because they don’t like to adhere to the Constitution.


Borders, laws, kids

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I’ve gotten heartily tired of hearing the left’s mantra “they’re ripping kids from their parents’ arms at the border”. It’s an overstatement of what’s really going on, and is only an attempt to fuel a false narrative that the media and the left have been pushing.

So, here’s the thing. If someone is arrested for a crime, in any city, and in any state of our country, and particularly if their family (kids, spouse, whatever) is with them, you don’t arrest the whole family and “keep them together”. If both parents are arrested, the children usually go into Child Protective Services custody, unless a grandparent or other relative is available.

Translate that to a family crossing the border ILLEGALLY… which is a crime (first time, misdemeanor… subsequent times, felony). The parents are arrested, and the children are sent to the CBP version of Child Protective Services.

So, if you don’t want to be separated from your children, AND you want to apply for asylum, cross the border LEGALLY at a border crossing. OR, particularly if you are in Mexico, go to one of the multitude of US Consulates, or the US Embassy, and apply for asylum there… LEGALLY.

Another aspect that is being falsely portrayed is that this is somehow a new policy at the border. Actually, it has been around for a long time. I think it was instituted during Bill Clinton’s time as president.

It is also a misconception that most of the kids coming across the border are with their parents, or even with ANY family members. Many are being passed off as family by human traffickers who are physically abusing them, sexually and otherwise. I’ve heard that of roughly 20000 kids that have been held in protective custody in recent years, only 2000 of them actually came with family. The rest were with stranger adults, and the majority were being trafficked.

The fact that this is suddenly a major issue to liberals is because there is a mindless hatred of our current president. It’s called Trump Derangement Syndrome. It dictates that everything the President Trump does, says, stands for, must be hated and thwarted. It’s pretty much the textbook definition of mental illness!

While I wasn’t particularly behind Trump when he started his presidential campaign, he has proven to be an effective president, who has actually had the gall to fulfill as many of his campaign promises as possible. We now have record low unemployment, an economy that is being freed from the restraints of the ridiculous regulations imposed by liberals over the years, and is positively booming, and a return to the idea of American exceptionalism!

The EU

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Well, the toothless and ignorant EU parliament has decided that it trusts the completely untrustworthy regime in Iran, and will continue to support the complete rag of an “agreement” with Iran that was “negotiated” by the single worst Secretary of State in US history, John “Lurch” Kerry. Frankly, who cares? The EU has never, and will never, dictate anything to us, and we should always take their views with a grain of salt. We should be dealing individually with the separate countries within the EU, not all of whom are so woefully deluded as to the realities in the Middle East.

An Historic Day!

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Today, the acknowledgment of what has been true for 5000 years, that Jerusalem is the capital of the Jewish State, is truly historic. Queue the lefties’ handwringing and denunciation of the Trump administration as rash and impulsive (even though the US Congress passed a bill in the 90’s declaring our recognition of Jerusalem, not Tel Aviv, as Israel’s true capital) for daring to do such a thing.

What the left, in the US, doesn’t understand, or acknowledge, is that the only way any semblance of peace around the world will happen is for the US to be strong, both in military capability, and in credibility in following through with what we say we will do.

Europe, for the most part, is filled with anti-semitic bigots that mindlessly blame Jews for any of their own difficulties or failures. A few countries like Hungary and the Czech Republic stood against the EU governing body, blocking their attempt to condemn the US’s decision to put the US Embassy in Jerusalem. The rest of the EU showed just how clueless and bigoted they were. The UN has continuously tried to paint Israel as a human rights violator. Complete BS! Especially considering the treatment of women in ALL of the Islamic countries that surround Israel!

The straw man argument that says that Zionism is the reason for whatever the beef du jour is… is why Hitler and the Nazis were able to take power in WWII. In spite of the fact that the rest of Europe fought against the Nazis, they were almost as anti-semitic as Hitler, when it comes right down to it. I am constantly surprised at British people’s anti-semitism. We encountered it in Kenya, when many of the settlers lumped Christian missionaries in with the Jews as being Zionist infiltrators!

The notion that the Palestinians, or more correctly, Iran backed Hamas, are interested in peace anytime soon is pure fantasy! The fact of the matter is, that if the Palestinians stopped attacking Israel, the conflict would end. And if Israel did not defend itself, it would be wiped off the face of the earth. And that is precisely what Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah, ISIS, Al Quaeda, and any other militant Islamic group around the world have stated as their goal.

Another way of putting it… “If the Palestinians wanted peace, there would be peace. If Israel wanted war, the Palestinians would not exist.” (from a Facebook Meme)

No, it’s not racist

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I’ve been a bit disappointed by some of my friends and acquaintances and their posts on social media calling President Trump racist for his remarks about where immigrants are coming from.  Calling an economically and politically devastated country like Haiti a “sh%^hole” is not remotely racist!  It’s just stating simple truth.  It doesn’t disparage those who have immigrated from there, nor does it disparage those who still live there.  Stop it with the self righteous posturing and faux outrage!  The narrative that is being put forth in the media is, quite simply, dead wrong.  President Trump did NOT say that people from those countries should be deported.  Just because he speaks in irreverent and slightly vulgar terms doesn’t change the truth of the statement.

Just because I’ve lived, worked with and prayed for the people of third world countries with rampant poverty and ugly dictatorships keeping them poor, doesn’t mean that I can’t call those places what they are… sh%^holes!  I still hope for and work for their betterment, and would never consider the people living there as anything other than God’s children, made in His image, just like me.