No, it’s not racist

I’ve been a bit disappointed by some of my friends and acquaintances and their posts on social media calling President Trump racist for his remarks about where immigrants are coming from.  Calling an economically and politically devastated country like Haiti a “sh%^hole” is not remotely racist!  It’s just stating simple truth.  It doesn’t disparage those who have immigrated from there, nor does it disparage those who still live there.  Stop it with the self righteous posturing and faux outrage!  The narrative that is being put forth in the media is, quite simply, dead wrong.  President Trump did NOT say that people from those countries should be deported.  Just because he speaks in irreverent and slightly vulgar terms doesn’t change the truth of the statement.

Just because I’ve lived, worked with and prayed for the people of third world countries with rampant poverty and ugly dictatorships keeping them poor, doesn’t mean that I can’t call those places what they are… sh%^holes!  I still hope for and work for their betterment, and would never consider the people living there as anything other than God’s children, made in His image, just like me.

Europe’s not so great history with Jews

Seeing some disturbing news about France targeting Jews for tax investigations and many similar things in other European countries gives a new perspective on World War II.  The fact of the matter is, most Europeans blame Jews for all their woes… because the Jews were unbelievably successful in business, and by extension (in the perpetually blaming others mindset) responsible for other peoples’ lack of success.

Outside of Christian circles, secular Europeans have essentially grown up Anti-Semitic.  I have heard more BS about how Israel doesn’t have the right to exist from British and other European acquaintances in the last few years than I care to mention.  It’s complete and total BS, but it is the prevailing sentiment in Europe, and puts the recent vote in the UN, for a resolution condemning the US for planning to move our embassy to the true capital of Israel, Jerusalem, into perspective.  It also brings to light the prophecies of the Bible about how the people of Israel will be persecuted in the latter days.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

In the wake of the rather disappointing result in the Alabama special election, last night, it is becoming clearer and clearer that our society has changed from the idea that one is innocent until proven guilty, to the unconstitutional idea that the mere accusation of wrongdoing makes one guilty.

The charges against Judge Roy Moore have been vehemently and repeatedly denied by him, and, for the most part, have been debunked by the application of mere common sense and by the facts not meeting the accusation.  My personal opinion on the matter is that anything that Gloria Allred is involved in has absolutely ZERO CREDIBILITY from the outset!  The so-called evidence presented is very obviously a forgery, that it should be laughed at by any even marginally intelligent observer!

And then we have the Republican “leadership” in Congress joining the vilification of Roy Moore bandwagon, which resulted in an extreme left wing looney being elected to fill now Attorney General Jeff Sessions Senate seat for the remainder of his term.  This guy is pro-abortion, pro-gay “marriage”, pro-big government dictating every aspect of our lives… and the list continues ad nauseam.  We have a bunch of idiots in leadership, squandering the capital given to them by President Trump’s election, by scuttling things like repealing ObamaCare, and by turning against Judge Roy Moore.  They are playing right into the looney left’s game plan.  This is really getting old!

The “Iran Deal” is not a treaty.

I’m getting sick of hearing from the “talking heads” on TV that the Iran Deal is something that we must abide by… i.e. has the force of a treaty.

Wrong!  The Iran Deal was never agreed to by Congress as a treaty.  The president (Obama, at the time) does not have the power to agree to a treaty, it must be voted on by Congress.  That was never done by them, and thus the “agreement” is nothing more than words (BS words) on a paper.

Not to mention, Iran has not in the past, nor will they in the future, abide by any agreement with the rest of the world.  In a nutshell, they don’t care what anybody says to them, nor will they ever, until and unless the Mullahs are taken out of power, and the people of Iran can regain power from the religious zealots whose stated aim is the obliteration of Israel and the setting up of a worldwide caliphate of their brand of militant Islam.

So it won’t be a surprise to you that I agree, wholeheartedly, with President Trump’s refusal to recertify the disastrous “agreement” made by the single worst Secretary of State in recent memory, John Kerry.

Style Over Substance

In the weeks and months since January 20th, I’ve seen a very alarming trend in the discussions about our President and how he comes across in his unique, and somewhat inartful way.  People are concentrating much more on what he SAYS or how he says it, rather than what he DOES.  And then many will say that comparisons to President Obama are meaningless to the discussion.

Well, let me tell you why the comparisons are valid and important.  Those policy and regulation changes rolled back many of the multitude of crippling, and head scratchingly strange, regulations that sucked the life out of primarily small businesses.  These businesses are the backbone of our economy.

Many will say, because the repeal and replace for Obamacare failed by one vote in the Senate, President Trump hasn’t accomplished anything, other than to rile people’s passions, positively and negatively, by what he says and how he says it… or when he says it.  But they don’t seem to grasp the many significant accomplishments that have been made, by direct policy changes, or because of the reduction in red tape for businesses to be profitable, adding significantly to our economy, directly, and through the record high numbers in the Stock Market.

Our foreign policy shows another stark comparison between the Obama and Trump administrations.  During President Obama’s tenure, our influence in the world was steadily undermined by weak policies of appeasement and apology for being an economic and military success.  Our hasty and well telegraphed withdrawal from Iraq, coupled with the total lack of real support to the Iraqi government, gave rise to the ascendency of ISIS in the region, and only now, after an aggressive change in our level of support, has that been rolled back.  The infamous “Red Line” in Syria, which was not enforced, shows that words, without action to enforce those words, are meaningless.  In Afghanistan, we are seeing positive results from tactics that are designed by those who are there, and know the situation first hand, rather than in a room in the White House.  The disastrous policies of the Viet Nam War, where all the tactical decisions were made for purely political reasons, by President Johnson, rather than to trust those tactical decisions to those in the field, should have precluded making the same mistake in the 21st century.  But they didn’t.  As they say, “Those who forget history, are bound to repeat it”.

I realize that President Trump is a highly polarizing figure.  He has a brash, and unfiltered, way of speaking (and Tweeting), and has a colorful past that has some distasteful elements.  I was not a supporter of his candidacy, in the beginning, and still think Senator Ted Cruz would have made a much better candidate and president in many ways.  But, after Trump was nominated, and began to lay out his policies, I began to slowly swing to backing him for several reasons.  First, and foremost, his opponent, Hillary Clinton.  No candidate in recent history has ever had so many aspects of her policy statements, and arguably criminal past, that were, in my opinion, completely anti-American, anti-Constitution, and pro-Socialism.  Secondly, his commitment to nominating strict Constitutional constructionists to the Supreme Court, which was borne out in his nomination of Justice Gorsuch, who has been a phenomenal voice on the court.  Thirdly, his commitment to American exceptionalism, through advocacy for policies in trade and diplomacy that project our strength and standing as an economic and military leader in the world, benefitting our own citizens first, but being compassionate to a hurting world.

So, I’ll take the substance, and pay less attention to the style.

2 months on

I’ve been here in Midland for roughly 2 months, now, getting settled into the “routine” at work, which isn’t particularly routine.  Right now, I average 3 trips in each 2 week period, with a few overnight trips in the mix.  I fly 3 different King Airs, an F90, a ’97 B200, and now a brand new King Air 250, with Proline Fusion avionics.  I also fly a ’78 Cheyenne I with upgraded engines to the PT-6A-135, which means I can maintain full torque without “temping” out on the climb.  I vastly prefer the handling and avionics packages in the King Airs (the F90 and B200 have panel mounted Garmin 750’s, and the B200 has a G600 for attitude/altitude, and of course, the 250 has the Proline Fusion).  The Cheyenne has a Garmin 430, so it’s not bad, as far as that goes.  I’ve also flown a C182 that we manage, which has a full Garmin stack, and an autopilot!  At some point, I may be asked to get qualified in the Lear 45, but I’m happy just doing King Air work, for now.

We fly them all single pilot (not the Lears), which, at my older, curmudgeonly age, is a welcome change from my last couple of jobs.  It’s nice to be answerable to myself, only, rather than being second guessed by a pilot with half or less of my experience!

I’m still living in my motorhome, parked in a no-frills RV park in the middle of the Midland tank farm.  One of my 2 rooftop air conditioners needs a new fan motor, so the other one is doing double duty in the extreme heat of the Southwest!  So far it’s doing alright, so long as it doesn’t quit on me, as well!  On the bright side, as soon as I find the parts I need, it won’t take long to switch them out, and get the busted one going again.

I’ve been attending a big Southern Baptist Church, here in Midland, on those weekends that I’m not on the road.  I wouldn’t call it a church home, just yet, but that shouldn’t take too long.

A lot of water under the bridge

Well, my last post was soon after arrival in Afghanistan, back in February.  Now it’s June, and I completed one rotation over there mid-April, and decided not to return.

I have taken a job with a friend from my time flying Beech 1900’s in Mali, West Africa, in Midland, TX.  I’m one of 6 pilots who manage a number of privately owned aircraft, flying for the owners, and providing maintenance support, and administrative support for things like hangar space, fueling, etc.

It doesn’t pay as well, but I’m thinking I may have found a place that fits my approach to flying, and life!

Getting settled in…

I’ve been in the mountain sandbox for 3 weeks, now…

I’m getting settled into the routine of fly/eat/sleep/fly, and will be here until early April.  I intend to do some traveling in my motorhome in April and/or may, once I’m stateside.  It’s nice to be making money again, after about 9 months waiting for security clearances and the like. 🙂

The “Women’s March” in Washington DC.

The “Women’s March” in Washington DC.

A bit disappointed in a few people I know mistakenly thinking that today’s so-called women’s march was about anything other than a few narrow things… LGBTQIA, Pro-infanticide, sour grapes because the person they voted for didn’t win, and mainly just anti-men.

I’ve got news for you… 1. Trump is not now, nor has he ever been a misogynist, 2. Trump is not now, nor has he ever been a racist, and 3. The likes of Madonna and Ashley Judd are very foul mouthed and very poor standard bearers for women in any way shape or form!

That being said, have at it… so long as it is a peaceful protest, I’ll defend your right to protest to the death. But try using violence, you should be in jail with the rest of the thugs.

The latest on deployment

So, the latest is…

I’m scheduled for the pre-deployment training (called CRC) at Ft Bliss, TX, starting on January 29th. It lasts for a week, then I’m off to the mountain sandbox.

Happy 2017!

It has been a very strange year, to say the least…

1. We had 2 of the worst nominees for the two major parties in the US in history, but we ended up with a hopeful chance at a conservative administration, based on cabinet picks, so far.

2. It was the year that everyone was offended by just about everything, and standing on principle was discouraged.

3. It was a year when lots of the more famous pop icons died.

But we survived, and now we have an artificial chance to “start over”… for about a week, if we’re lucky… with those pesky resolutions that no one keeps.

Anyway, here’s to a fruitful, passionate, eventful and satisfying new year, dedicated to the endeavor of finding and following God’s perfect will for each of our lives!

If you disagree, it doesn’t make you less

In the aftermath, or whatever you might want to call it, of the election, a few days ago, there is one overarching thing I would like to get across to my very diverse group of very good friends. I will probably disagree with you often… some more sharply than others, and more often than others…
but your status as my very good friend will not change, simply because you have a different political view to mine. That difference may be slight, or it may be huge, but, contrary to a prevailing theme, these days, disagreement doesn’t equate to hate.
I am intentional in my desire and, for the most part, I am successful, in being able to state that I DON”T HATE ANYONE! I like to think that most of you who are my closest friends, and probably all of you who either view me as a friend, or I view you as a friend (hopefully simultaneously), have the same way of looking at the rest of the human race, and particularly those we interact with regularly.
When I was standing in line for early voting, last week, I spent the roughly 50 minutes talking to the lady right behind me. We discussed flying (happens whenever you’re around me, as many of you can attest), and Kenya, among other things. We didn’t really even broach the subject of politics, and it was a pleasant way to pass the time.
As we were both walking back to our cars after voting, I noticed that she went to a car with Hillary Clinton bumper stickers all over it. So I’m positive that she voted for Hillary. I voted for Trump. We got along, and our lives weren’t defined by our politics.
There have been many discussions going on after the election, some that I have participated in, and others that I intentionally avoided participating in. None of what those discussions revealed about what others think of the outcome have a bit of effect on my continued respect and affection for my entire group of friends that I have had the privilege of having in my life in the many circles of interaction I’ve been a part of, through work, play, or simply online.

This election and it’s real consequences if we get it wrong

I was a bit taken aback, recently, when someone who is socially conservative, pro life, and probably fiscally moderate, told me that if they were “holding their nose and voting” it would be Hillary over Trump. Now, I don’t care for Trump, but considering what would result from a Hillary presidency vs. a Trump presidency… well, there is no justification for that kind of thinking.

Here’s my take on why.

Firstly, while Trump continues to SAY things that aren’t all that great… usually when speaking off the cuff… Hillary has a long history of DOING things that are arguably criminal. Not the least of which is her continued pattern of lying, obfuscating, and misleading on just about every subject… many times under oath.

Secondly, Hillary was Secretary of State, and thus responsible for EVERY MEMBER OF EVERY STATE DEPARTMENT FACILITY around the world, when the consular staff, including Ambassador Stevens, repeatedly asked for extra security, and then, when attacked, were denied a timely rescue by the multitude of available assets in the region… and finally, she and her staff, even though knowing and telling others that it was an attack by terrorists, continued to characterize it as a “spontaneous response” to an obscure video that it is doubtful that anyone in the region had even seen, much less heard of. All of this amounts to treason!

Most importantly, as a leftist “progressive”, it is Hillary’s aim to rewrite our constitution, to deny us the protections afforded by the 1st and 2nd amendments (the second being there to protect the first). There are going to be several retirements from the Supreme Court, plus an appointment must be made to replace murdered Justice Scalia. I, for one, prefer someone who will appoint justices who will adhere to the constitutional concepts of separation of powers (i.e. strict constructionists) who realize that their job is not to make laws, nor to change laws, only to judge laws passed by the legislative branch (congress) as to their adherence to the constitution. Hillary will appoint more activist judges like Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Steven Breyer, Elena Kagan, and Sonia Sotomayor who have repeatedly ruled against the constitution and believe it’s their job to make law.

There are many other reasons why Hillary Clinton should never be elected to ANY office, much less president, but the above 3 are the most important, in my opinion.

So, if I have to “hold my nose and vote” for anyone, it will be Donald Trump. As the campaign continues, and he begins to outline his policies, I am getting closer to being able to do that.

Burning Tusks

I am just as happy to not have been in Kenya for the event, today, of burning of thousands of tons of poached ivory.
I say this because I don’t think the obvious symbolism is going to make any meaningful difference in the war on poaching.
I am very definitely and adamantly opposed to the illegal hunting and killing of any animal, whether for trophy or monetary gain. And I applaud those who seek to make bold statements and back them up with actions to combat the scourge on wildlife that poaching is. But, when you destroy what is still, in many parts of the world (rightly or wrongly… I believe wrongly), a commodity, you only serve to 1) drive up the price, and 2) make those who profit from the trade more determined to continue.
I know my view is somewhat controversial, and not the PC way of framing the debate. But our focus needs to be on prevention, before the fact, not on relatively meaningless photo ops, after the fact. As they say, it’s hard to close the barn door after the horses have fled.
So, what’s the answer? I believe that there are many organizations that are doing great work, particularly with respect to elephant and rhino poaching in Africa. The most effective of these are involved in a many faceted approach… education, rescue and rehabilitation of orphaned animals, emphasis on sustainable habitats, and, most importantly, ruthless enforcement of laws governing the illegal hunting of ANY type of wildlife. There are also a number of paramilitary organizations that specialize in shutting down the often very sophisticated poaching operations, and bringing those who are involved to justice.
So, while I understand the motivation behind the huge burning ceremony, today, I fear that it will do more harm than good.
My $.02 … take it or leave it.

I will not support Donald Trump

For the first time in my adult life, I am in a position to where, if a certain candidate becomes the Republican nominee… namely Donald Trump… I will write in another name… Ted Cruz… for President in the general election.

It has become increasingly evident that Donald Trump is neither Republican, nor conservative, and is only a “campaign conservative” with no intention of following through on anything (he hasn’t really said much besides “it’ll be great” and “I’ll win”…) he says. This is evidenced by his 180 degree difference on things he’s said as recently as 1 year ago. EDIT: This view was based on false information.

He is a bully, and an egotistical megalomaniac, in my estimation, who talks about his “reign” as president… ummm… we don’t elect kings, by the way… and calls anyone who disagrees with him or calls him out on his hypocrisy a “liar”, or a “nasty guy who nobody likes”… etc.  EDIT: Yes, he has a big ego, and an abrasive way about him, but he has actually been a very pleasant surprise in that he has followed through on campaign promises, and has ushered in an atmosphere where our economy is flourishing.  This is mostly due to the removal of most of the more ridiculous regulations that have crippled small businesses.

We have a narcissist as president, right now. We don’t need another one!  EDIT: While his rhetoric sounds narcissistic, he actually is not in this for self aggrandizement.  His policies and accomplishments point to a desire to serve his constituency… which is the American people… ALL of them!

I am baffled by many so-called evangelicals who support Trump. I can only guess that the definition used for evangelicals is not what I have always understood it to be.  EDIT:  He has proven himself to be a staunch pro-life advocate, and a believer in the freedom of religion.

So… I will not, in any way, support Donald Trump.  EDIT: 12/29/16 – This post was during the primaries, and as there was no chance of my EVER supporting Hillary Clinton, I chose to vote for Donald Trump.  He has definitely changed my mind, and I believe his will be a great presidency.

This “refugee” situation

I am really scratching my head at those who are bad mouthing the prudent actions of many governors to put a moratorium on allowing resettlement of the so-called refugees from Syria in their states.
Yes, there are truly those who need our help, and are truly refugees. But you cannot tell me that a group of people who are… 1) 70% male of “fighting” age, 2) healthy and look more like a military battalion than needy refugees and, 3) show almost no appreciation for the hospitality extended to them by the European countries that have received them to date, in fact, repaying that hospitality with violence and rape… are anything more than an invasion force, intent on spreading their stone age ideas of “culture” and “law” to the “infidels”!
And to say that there is any way of “vigorously vetting” these people, who come from a place that doesn’t have any semblance of records on these people to search, which is what 90% of a vetting process entails, is, quite frankly, ridiculous.
So stop telling me I’m not displaying Christian love because I think it is a mistake to let the fox into the henhouse! Did the events in Paris, Beirut, and earlier in Sweden (where these refugees have been raping Swedish women) not make any impression on you???
Sorry… I, for one, fully support and agree with these governors!

More BS from the White House about Gun Control

First of all, this is going to be a serious rant. So if you don’t want to read my rant, don’t continue.
OK… here goes.
There was another school (read: Gun Free Zone) shooting. Quite frankly, I am fed up with the ridiculous notion that people have that putting up a sign that bans weapons from a place will actually result in zero weapons ever being there! First and foremost… who are the people who commit these violent acts? Certainly not law abiding gun owners. In fact, almost every single one of the perpetrators in the school shootings over the last 3 decades have been:
1) mentally ill
2) criminals (for the less speedy among us, that means someone who doesn’t pay any attention to the law)
So, what is the first reaction of the progressive left “intelligencia”? More ineffective (and usually unconstitutional) gun laws. So, you’re saying that someone who doesn’t follow the law, will follow a new law? If that’s what you think, you are dangerously delusional!
So, what do we need to do to get a handle on this?
1) stop blaming guns and gun owners for violence perpetrated with a gun. In many cases, lives are saved by law abiding gun owners being in a position to stop these mental cases by either confronting them and making them stand down, or eliminating the threat by shooting them.
2) stop allowing mentally ill people to be on the streets without proper treatment/medications and monitoring/supervision. If that means permanently institutionalizing someone, so be it!
3) let’s follow the Swiss model, where all adults are required to own a firearm (they are the militia/defense force). Switzerland has an extremely low rate of violent crime… and that’s no coincidence!
If you don’t like guns, don’t own one. But stop telling me that I can’t and shouldn’t, as a law abiding citizen, own a gun… it’s one of those pesky things in the Constitution… it’s a right, and it is not given to me by government. It’s given to me to make sure, among other things, that the government doesn’t become a tyrannical dictatorship!

My Time in Kenya 2013-15

I am about to move on from a position and a place that I’ve called home for the last almost 2 years. It has been a combination of a dream job and one of the most challenging experiences of my professional life.

It was a dream job, in that I was flying in the bush, in the country of my birth and all but 3 years of my upbringing, Kenya. It was in a beautiful area of Kenya, the area that Ernest Hemingway referred to as “The Green Hills of Africa”. It was among a very colorful group of people, the Maasai, doing work that had an economic benefit to these people through a combination of a for-profit tented eco-lodge, which caters to a high-end clientele, and a conservation trust, that provides for education, health care, and reimbursement for livestock lost to predators. The goals of the Camp and Trust combined are in keeping with my motivation toward a people first approach to wildlife conservation, that of being good stewards of God’s creation.

My challenges were several and varied. As the chief pilot (really just the “aviation everything” of the camp), I had to deal directly with one of the more convoluted Civil Aviation Authorities in Africa. Kenya CAA takes much of their requirements from the European Union’s EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) standards, which are largely obsolete, in terms of required academic knowledge. Also, the regulations are somewhat difficult to understand, as they are not particularly well organized. However, with a few missteps and inadvertent insults (which were not intended to be insulting, just poor choices of words), as well as some very good help and advice from some of the KCAA inspectors, I managed to muddle through and accomplish what needed doing, and to, hopefully, improve things just a bit.

As an evangelical Christian, my challenge was to live and work with an avowed atheist boss, and a predominant world view that was quite different from mine. As I stated above, my motivation toward conservation is from my desire to be a good steward of what God has given us. I do not subscribe to the, in my opinion, foolish notion that we, as humans, are contributing to what has been alternatively called Global Warming, Anthropomorphic Climate Change, Global Cooling… whatever the nom du jour is, at the moment. As much of the “science” behind the political ideology that is Climate Change has been thoroughly questioned and, for the most part, debunked as manufactured “evidence” to fit a predetermined theory, rather than allowing the unadulterated facts to lead where they may, I continue to feel that we are being victimized by power hungry politicians, as the whole debate is a political one, not a scientific one. That being said, I believe we do have an effect on our own local ecosystem… i.e. destruction of habitat by cutting down forests and putting farms in areas that are not particularly good for farming, improper disposal of refuse, redirecting precious water away from where it is needed for the wildlife to survive, and the list goes on.

Also, lifestyles of pure hedonistic pursuit and no acknowledgement of consequences to oneself or to others, and which are not culturally acceptable among the local people, and the isolation from any regular attendance to church, as well as a 7 day a week work schedule, all contributed to a growing feeling of isolation and being a “fish out of water”. The last 6 months of my tenure, here, have been among the most difficult days of my adult life.

All this being said, I have no regrets, and have made some wonderful friends, during my time, and believe that I have had a positive influence on many, even those who don’t acknowledge it, at the moment. I was at the right place, at the right time, and will likely never know who, precisely, I was here to be the right word or action that that person needed.

Syrian “Refugees?”

In the wake of all the furor over the Syrian refugees that are flooding into Europe, I have a few observations.

First, we as Christians have a duty to help those in need, and that is only right and proper. I know that organizations like Samaritan’s Purse are heavily involved in the efforts to meed these families’ immediate needs. If you are interested in donating, they are, in my opinion, the best organization to support.

But, there is an underlying narrative, here, that is not being acknowledged by most of the world. Syria is a predominantly muslim country, surrounded by a number of very wealthy muslim countries. Why are the majority of the refugees male, and why are they going to predominantly Christian or secular Europe?

My contention, and I’ve heard it mentioned by a number of people, as well, is that this is intentional, by the other muslim countries in the Middle East, to force what is in reality an invasion. It’s primary purpose is to spread Islam throughout the regions that are not, at present, muslim.

Yeah, I know, it sounds like a conspiracy theory. But, when dealing with radical Islam (which is the only kind around, anymore), we need to be cognizant that the stated goal of Islam is to create a worldwide caliphate, and the quickest way to do so, is to create muslim majorities in all of the countries of the world. That’s precisely what will happen if we don’t nip this in the bud!

Here we go again!

Another shooting… but this time, it doesn’t fit the “narrative”. A gay black man killed two white people, live on TV… later citing the church killings in Charleston, SC, and supposed “racist statements” made by his former colleagues at a Roanoke television station, as his reasons. He said that he was answering the call to start a race war, among other things.

Of course, literally within a few minutes, the liberal anti-gun crowd started trying to use it as justification for taking away our 2nd amendment rights. Sorry guys, a gun was just the tool. He could have used any number of weapons to carry out his psychotic rampage… crossbows, bow and arrows, knives, hatchets, and any number of projectile weapons… all with equal lethality, but not many of which get the press coverage and misinformed rhetoric from those who think a gun free society will ever really be a free society.

The way that Hitler took over in Germany, was to gradually convince people to give up their guns, until they had no way to protect their freedoms. We simply cannot allow this to happen in the United States of America!